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The Nature and Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Repair

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Aggravation and apprehension will rise quickly upon finding out that your pipelines are deteriorating and deemed unsafe. For the most part, homeowners will worry about the budget for this home improvement project: the time-efficiency of labour and the potential landscape disruption that entails the digging method.

To relieve you from a stressful anxiety, the state-of-the-art technology revolutionises plumbing through an affordable yet reliable solution that does not involve intrusive excavation called Pipe Relining. When diagnosing the source of the problem, inaccurate guesses are eliminated since trenchless pipeline video cameras are used to give the interior view of the plumbing network. Moreover, the maximised labour, structural disruption and pricey renovation costs of digging methods are reduced significantly.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe relining reforms the primitive digging of traditional pipe repair methods. It is a technique that basically involves having the pipe interiors relined. In order to seal any abnormalities like leaks and holes in your damaged pipes, the pipe relining method makes use of a food-safe epoxy to coat the interior walls of the pipes. First, it involves sticking in a tube through the pipe. After securing it, it is inflated until it tightly fits within the pipe. A particular kind of resin is coated on the exterior of the pipe enabling it to attach to the pipe. After the curing takes place, the relining creates a superior, seamless seal to the damaged old pipe. It is guaranteed to last for 40 years and is much more durable compared to the original pipe. It is unyielding to intrusive tree roots and 100% leak-proof.

Advantages of Pipe Relining

  1. Speed

The labour and costs are not limited to the pipe repair itself. If a full pipe replacement is made, it can ultimately be costly, laborious and time-consuming. A trench has to be dug out for the old pipes to be removed and replaced. The hassle does not end there for structural and restoration repairs escalate due to the damaged landscape. There is also a tendency where your home is uninhabitable for the duration of the projects (e.g. unavailability of functioning bathrooms). On the advantageous contrary, pipe relining usually just takes a few hours with minimal delay. It is a speedy procedure compared to traditional repairs that can take up for weeks (usually needs 1 – 30 hours to complete the whole process).

  1. No Digging

Since pipe relining does not utilise an exploratory digging to repair your damaged pipes, it significantly reduces your restoration costs. You do not have to worry about structural and landscape damage since it does not have to excavate your entire property to search for faulty pipes. It only necessitates digging only two holes from the starting up to the ending point of the system. Your lawn and garden spaces remain intact while your pockets are not busted.

  1. Adaptable Repairs

Unlike the full pipe replacement where it involves a wide range of the system to be dug up, pipe relining can be conveniently used to a repair job of any size, targeting where repairs are needed the most. Either a 1 m section of pipe or a 100 m section of the pipeline, as well as a wider range of pipe diameters, pipe relining can successfully provide your pipeline with the strengthening it needs.

  1. Lasting Results

Your overhauled plumbing system can be improved better than before since pipe relining can deliver a complete, seamless repair. With the sealing resin that secures itself to the original pipe, cracks, leaks or holes are filled and seal. Moreover, the reinforced pipe within a pipe is more resistant to damage and corrosion – even to intrusive tree roots.

The modern innovations have offered simple ways to solve household emergencies. So if you face plumbing nightmares and your overhauled pipes need some reconditioning, do not hesitate to consult your plumbing experts on the best trenchless treatment for your pipelines.

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