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Sewer Defence 101: Your Defence Checklist Against Tree Root Attacks

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There are cases where nature interferes with our sewer systems. The trees may prove to be sewer pipe villains since their roots are capable of infiltrating your sewer pipe lines. If the tree root intrusion escalates to a serious degree, it would create colossal clogs that will cause the breakdown not only of your sewer system, but as well as your plumbing system.

Keeping off roots from your sewer pipes may seem implausible for unlike manning the leaves and branches of trees, you cannot just effortless cut down the invasive roots. However, there are actually proactive tips in safeguarding your sewer pipes. Read on to know more about the sewer pipe defence checklist you can follow.

  •  Underground root barriers and inhibitors

Fortifying and safeguarding your sewer pipes through underground barriers can be tasking but nevertheless, highly effective. You will have to create a small trench that is deeper than the height of your buried pipeline. Position some metal or wood barriers 15 – 30 centimetres lower than the lowest height of your pipes. These barriers should extend and stretch all through the areas where your sewer line are vulnerable to invasive roots. To further enrich the protection of these barriers, you can coat them with root inhibitors or herbicides. Copper sulphate and potassium hydroxide are one of the common chemicals used to deter and poison root feeders.

  • Sewer Pipe Inspection

Tree root attacks in your sewer pipes may lead to inconvenient plumbing problems. It includes drain backups, overflows, and leaks. If you seem to observe indications of sewer line problems, you will have to seek professional plumbers immediately. Remember that sewer pipes should be handled and repaired carefully to prevent the rise of health and environmental hazards. Only licensed plumbers know how to efficiently and cautiously carry out sewer pipe repairs. If the contacted professionals have verified that your sewer line is infiltrated by roots, they should be cleared out immediately. Some homeowners opt to rent rooter machines and carry out the cleaning task by themselves. However, the rental fees of the machines are pricey. Why don’t you just ask the equipped plumbers to do the root removal? In that way, you are not only spared from the hassle but you are also assured of an effective task completion.

  •  Uprooting the Tree Near your Sewer Lines

Not all botanical species are harmful to your sewer pipes. There are some trees which have shallow roots, leaving your pipes unscathed. What you should be wary of are those trees which have fast-growing and far-reaching roots. Hence, it is of paramount importance to take note of the attributes of your garden or backyard plants and make sure that they are sewer-safe.

If there is already an existing tree that thrives near your sewer pipes, you may have to uproot it. You see, even if you opt for a root removal and have your sewer pipes serviced; it will not give you a permanent solution. The problem will relapse by the time the roots of the existing tree grow back. Moreover, the building of underground barriers and trimming of roots may be too bothersome.

If you choose to uproot the tree that is harmful to your sewer pipes, make sure that you have your contractors remove the stump and take out as much as they can of the remaining roots in the soil.

  • Replacing or repairing your pipes

There are some cases where the roots are not capable of forcefully entering your sewer pipes. What allows them to infiltrate your sewer system is the presence of cracks or holes. As the root feeders get excessively nourished with the sewer moisture and nutrients, they will soon have bigger root size. They will continue to extend, twist, and coil, making your sewer lines obstructed. Soon, you will have an inoperative sewer system due to frequent backups and overflows.

To prevent such disaster from happening, make sure to familiarise the lifecycle of your sewer pipes. You have to rehabilitate or replace your pipes before they become susceptible to root attacks.

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