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How to make your Sewer Pipes free from Clogs and Obstructions

plumbermonavale How to make your Sewer Pipes free from Clogs and Obstructions

As a homeowner, you have probably dealt with clogs in your house. When people talk about clogs; they will most likely refer to clogs in the drain system and the toilet. These types of drain clog problems can be solved easily and doesn’t take too much time in clearing out. In some clogged drains, the source is from the obstruction of the main sewer pipes. Clearing the sewer pipes from a blockage can be difficult. It’s easier to do maintenance with the sewer pipes than clearing out the clogs. Check out these tips on how to make your sewer pipeline free from clogs and other obstructions.

Clean the pipes once a year

In most cases of clogged sewer pipes; it’s the various forms of debris and wastes accumulation that’s causing the obstruction. Cleaning or clearing out the pipes require a special method. Plumbers usually use a rooter to take out the clogs in the pipeline. It’s sufficient to do a rooter cleaning at least once a year, but it may take more than that. Some pipes that haven’t been cleaned for many years may take more than one rotter cleaning. In most cases however, having a rooter cleaning at least once a year is enough. Clearing the pipes with the use of a hydro jet is also an effective method. The hydro jet releases water that has 4,000 psi or more to cleanse the pipes from mud, soil, grease, and other debris that are clogging the pipes. Hydro jets should be used with caution since the pipes might get damaged or worse ―— collapsed ―— since the powerful pressure may be too much for some pipes.

Be careful on what you flush down

The toilet was designed to flush human waste; not to become the new trash can of the comfort room or bathroom. It’s pretty common for people to drain down items like hygiene products, cat litter, plastic, and other objects into the toilet. A lot of items that people flush a lot can actually become the source of the clog. The only item that’s exempted from items you should never drain in the toilet is the toilet paper. You see, there is no problem flushing toilet paper since it can actually decompose and it doesn’t get stuck in the pipeline. Aside from the toilet, you should also be mindful with what you flush in the many drains of your house, particularly the kitchen sink. Grease and oils that are flushed down can often become clogs in the future. It may seem that you can just neglect the grease and oils but draining these leftovers and condiments in a regular basis will cause a large accumulation in the pipeline.

Extract plants that are near your sewer pipes and transfer them

Roots from plants ―— especially from trees and shrubs ―— can go through the pipes and block it. You need to get rid of the source which is none other than the plant itself. If you don’t want to take care of the plants anymore then you can just uproot it together with its stump and roots. Otherwise, if you want to keep the plants then just extract it and transfer to another area that’s far from the sewer pipe.

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