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8 Primary Causes of Sewer Blockages

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Blocked Sewer lines are one of the most cumbersome dilemmas plumbers usually battle with. Their unpleasant sights and foul odour induce a lot of inconvenience so they should be fixed immediately. Moreover, they can cause health issues and soil contamination if they are left for some time. Take into account the highlighted causes of blocked sewer lines:

  1. Grease

The oily remnants of excessive grease and fatty substances washed down the sink drains and garbage disposals can create a colossal clog in your sewer lines. They do not necessarily exit the pipes but congeal within, significantly resulting to terrible fatbergs.

Professional plumbers usually use rodding or hydro jetting to get rid of the massive grease build-up. However, in order to refrain from the hefty bills charged by plumbing services, homeowners better observe prevention against grease accumulation in their sewer lines. Being mindful of the proper disposal of food wastes and installing a grease interceptor in the drains are one of the simplest ways you can protect your sewer lines.

  1. Tree Root Intrusions

There are some natural phenomena that can aggravate homeowners a LOT. This includes tree root intrusions which can significantly interfere with your underground plumbing. Aggressive tree roots that naturally seek moisture may end up infiltrating your pipes and intrusively exert pressure on their surface. This will lead to weakened structural toughness, reduction of water flow and severe blockages in your sewer lines.

This problem can be remedied by mechanical tools, hydro jetting and chemical barriers such as potassium hydroxide and copper sulphate. Pipe replacement may be necessary for worst cases. You can also get rid of the existing tree for a long-term solution. The best prevention homeowners can do to reduce the risk of tree intrusions is to avoid planting certain species of trees with fast, aggressive root growth near sewer lines.

  1. Deteriorated Pipes

Sewer pipes that are way past their prime deteriorate over time. Rusting, corrosion and or root intrusion will inevitably break them open, resulting to sewer backups. Prevent this from worsening into a major blockage stage by contacting your trusted plumber to evaluate the situation and determine the best pipe repair options best for your home.

  1. Mud

Mud and biological waste that do not decay easily may clump together and cause obstructions in your sewer line. Prevent this from happening by clearing your gutters and driveways regularly.

  1. Narrow drain lines

Traditional drain lines usually get clogged because of its less than 4 inches diameter. However, the latest fittings perform much better compared to the older lines that require to be refitted.

  1. Foreign Objects

Homeowners need to avoid indiscriminate flushing where they make use of the toilets as garbage cans. The sewer lines are designed only for human waste and toilet paper. Flushing assorted items like sanitary wear, nappies, hair ties and soap become lodged into the passage, eventually reducing water flow and serious blockages. Small children may also choke the drainage by curiously flushing their toys

  1. Equipment Malfunction

Sometimes in a mid-project plumbing, there will be unforeseen glitches. For example, during a rodding process, the cable might break and get lodged in the sewer pipe. A special equipment has to be used in order to recover that ensnared cable. In case the cable is irretrievable within the pipe, trenching may be required.

  1. Frozen Ground

The freezing temperature causes the groundwater to freeze and expand, moving the ground upward. When the ground defrosts, it rests the soil downward. This soil movement may agitate your underground sewer pipes causing cracks and leaks. As more water seeps into the ground, this progresses to more soil movement that allows mud to clog your sewer line. You may have to ask your trusted plumber to perform rodding as a temporary solution.

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