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6 Reasons to Choose a High Pressure Water Jetter

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It has been manifested and verified that most homeowners encounter various forms of pipe and drainage clogs all over the year no matter how well cared and maintained sewer and drainages are. These are oftentimes caused by stuck materials and foreign objects that are not supposed to enter the piping system and by grease, sediments and minerals that have accumulated the pipe walls because of lack of maintenance and cleaning. When one experience clogging or slow drains, they may be various tools and equipment you can utilise to restore and unclog it. All of them have their own unique attributes, capacities and limitations. Hydro jetting your sewers and drainages to maintain them and get rid of clogs is said to be incomparable to any of the unclogging tools most homeowner invests.

Here are some of the reasons why a homeowner should choose hydro jetting their drains rather than manually cleaning them.

1. It is effective

Hydro jetting your sewers and drains is extremely effective compared to the manual and conventional way of unclogging, maintaining and cleaning sewer and drains. It fully clears sewer lines and drainage pipes from all unnecessary things that accumulate it and even from any form of debris, grease and sediment build up. The pressure it releases is strong enough that nothing can withstand it, even initiating tree root intrusion.

Manual tools can restore clogged pipes, but that does not completely clear your pipes to prevent it from clogging again. Snaking, for example, does not remove accumulations within your pipes; it only creates a hole within the blocked area to allow water flow. After some time, it may clog again.

Hydro jetting sewer lines and drainage pipes is done by inspecting pipelines first through a pipe camera. This is to determine the objects and materials that need to be removed from the pipe such as roots, grease, dirt, soil, sand, rocks, and sediments. Then the hydro jetter is used to release the pressure which is ranging from 3,000 to 4,000 psi. As the high-pressure water stream through the pipelines, it removes any insignificant substances clearing your sewer lines and drainage pipes like a brand new one, improving its flow capacity and efficiency and getting rid of any reasons for future clogs to occur.

2. Economical

It is apparent that hydro jetting is a bit more costly than snaking or using an auger to unclog pipes, but in the long run, you will find out that you have saved enough money. Do you know why? Let me show you two possible situations in which you would be able to save money whey hydro jetting your sewers and drains.

 When using snakes and augers, you may have restored the clogged pipes but only temporarily. When it clog again, it might be worse, enough for you to call for service contractors and professional plumber for help. That would cause you to pay too much service rates especially when they charge per hour.

 When the clog is severe, you may need to dig the sewers and drains to get rid of the problem and restore your pipes which will apparently involve too much labour and is usually accompanied by high service rates.

Hydro jetting your sewers and drains will clear your pipes from any possibilities of future clogs freeing you from the probability of engaging to service contractors and high service fees.

3. Hygienic

Conventional ways of unclogging and cleaning sewers involve digging and direct contact to sewages contained by the sewer lines. A person is not supposed to be in contact with the waste to avoid health problems and contaminating the environment with the hazardous substances and chemical solutions it may contain. Hydro jetting sewers secure your health while effectively cleaning your sewer lines.

4. Eco-friendly

Many people say that the ample amount of water used in hydro jetting is just a waste of water, but it is actually not. It is more environment-friendly compared to the traditional methods as it does not contaminate the environment. The chemical escapade of any chemical solution it is supposed to convey is certainly harmful to the surroundings and even to the public’s health. Hydro jetting does not allow any escapade as it does not include digging and sewer content exposure.

5. Handy and versatile

You might be thinking that hydro jetting is only for commercial purposes. It can be used in any residential and household issues as well. It can be used for simple and complicated sewer problems and clogging issues. When a clog can’t be handled by snaking alone, you can utilise hydro jetters to resolve the problem

6. A good maintenance technique

As it clears any debris and unnecessary materials from your sewer pipes, it removes any possibility of future clogs and issues as well. That is why it is considered as the most effective way of sewer pipe and drainage maintenance. It gives ample of favours to you, to your home, plumbing system and pockets. This frees you from all the ideas and problems that may give you the headaches every homeowner experiences with their plumbing system.

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