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5 Types of Rodding Tools for Sewer Pipes

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Sewers and drains need to be maintained and cleaned often to prevent sewer and drainage problems and to maintain its satisfactory performance. The main reason why they often encounter failures and problem are oftentimes the lack of maintenance and proper attention. But sewers pipes and drainage maintenance doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly. Various cleaning materials can be utilised for a quick and effective sewer and drain cleaning procedures and as well as unclogging drains and sewers.

Rodders are used to unclog and clean a drainage or sewer pipe. This is usually a cable that is semi-rigid of any kind and is to be inserted into your blocked drainages and pipes to either push the blockage into the pipe end or catch the blocked particles and pull it back to remove it. Yet there are many kinds and variety of sewer rodding tools to help your clean, unclog and maintain your sanitary pipes and drainages.

1. Tape rod

Tape rod, as declared by many, is the most basic of all the rodding tools. This is a ball-end coil of flat steel that is semi-rigid. This pushes the blocked particles through the sewer pipe to get rid of blockage. There are indeed various lengths of tape rods for you to choose from for convenience. Tape rod has its own limitations though. The very common one is its ability to unclog and clean pipes that are unswerving and linear. Because of its rigid features, they do not easily bend which is why they are not suitable to use on pipes with numerous bends and direction shift. Because tape rod has a single type of end which is ball end, they are limited to what kind of blockages it can restore.

2. Closet auger

Closet auger has been one of the unclogging and plumbing tools most homeowner invests. It is very useful and handy when it comes to sewer and drainage problems. It commonly has two ends, the first one is the handle and the other one is the self-feed auger head attached to a spring cable. Upon inserting the auger head, the handle is commonly rotated and twisted so the head can push the blockage to the main sewer line. It comes in varied length with 6ft as its longest length. And because of its limitation on its length, it is only useful when the blocked area is near the drain, if it is further than that, the closet auger is, unfortunately, useless. This has a single type and size of the head, and because of its spring cable, it is incapable of pushing firm and resistant blockages. Being manually manipulated, the strength the auger acquires to push the blockage is mainly dependent on the force exerted by the person manipulating it.

3. Kinetic water ram

Kinetic water ram is one of the unclogging devices that do not require too much force exertion and labour. This utilises a compressed air to loosen and push the blockages. It is operated by pulling back the handle and the trigger simultaneously. But the intensity should be controlled upon using this device. Too much force of compressed air that vacates your water ram might be too great and extensive enough to destroy and damage some of your plumbing fixtures.

4. Sink auger

Sink auger is oftentimes composed of a flexible cable twisted and entwined within a canister, and on one end is the self-feeding auger head. The canister contains the switch to turn the auger on and off. It is a very handy unclogging tool and is very convenient for use although it has its own limitations too. It can be used for pipes with approximately 2 inchas the largest diameter. It is not suitable for pipes with huge diameter because its rod diameter is basically limited. Its flexible cable isn’t firm enough to handle dense blockages.

5. Grappler hook

This tool is basically used for removing insignificant debris that has gotten inside your pipes, specifically roof drains and cans. Stone, cans and bottles that find its way through the pipes is to be removed. When the pipe is small enough to accommodate your hand, you can use a grappler hook to do the job for you.

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