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5 Major Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting

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There are a lot of alternatives to clean our sewer pipes from clingy debris and intrusive roots. Chemical substances could be used, however, it is being discouraged because it could do more harm to the system.

Hydro jetting, on the other hand, is not just a cleaning procedure but also a repair procedure that could eliminate the existence of roots that obstructs the flow of water. Aside from this benefits mentioned, the following are other advantages you could get from hydro jetting your pipes:


Hydro jetting all the pipes is more effective than the use of rooting or snaking method. Just imagine, snaking the pipe can be and the clog can be taken out, however, the setback of snaking method is that it still leaves the residue after the procedure. When the residue is present within your pipe system, most of the time, it begins to accumulate, sticking on the sides of your pipe walls and cause clog problems again.

On the other hand, hydro jetting can clean your pipes without leaving any residue because of the high-pressure water it utilises during the operation. When the pipe is residue-free, the flow of the water will likely to be steadier and stable and decreases another residue build-up in the coming months or even years.


The setback of the snaking method is that it cannot be used in huge municipal operations. On the other hand, it is possible to utilise hydro jetting both in residential and municipal properties without inconvenience. However, the success rate of the method still depends on the specific system being used. Also, expect that not all plumbing companies offer similar modern equipment and psi to fix municipal sewer blockage. Aside from this, there are times that equipment that is too powerful is not suitable for residential buildings because it might cause further damage such as a crack in the existing pipe.


A lot of people think that the procedure is a waste of water which is the worst thing we do for our environment. This notion is being falsified because hydro jetting only uses sheer water without the combination of chemical substances.

Traditional methods are the methods that propose harm to the environment because of the threatening chemicals it uses during the process. Also, a number of rehabilitation techniques are harmful because it lifts up detrimental elements that are already in the ground such as asbestos and bacteria.

Preventive maintenance

Yes, maybe there aren’t obstructions in your pipe yet, but if you want to maintain this to avert future sewer pipe problems, try to hire hydro jetting services. This method is the perfect procedure to do, as mentioned before, it cleans the entire line of the pipe. In that way, roots, debris, dust sticking on the wall and other non-biodegradable items being flushed down can be taken out. This method is worth-recommending than traditional ones because other methods only focus on unclogging your pipes that could possibly come back in the future.


If you are asking which part of the procedure is sanitary, the answer for that is the tool being used- hydro jetting. This tool is sanitary because it avoids the worker from being involved in health risk situations. For instance, the substances found underneath the ground and the chemicals used in the procedure.

Since the procedure in hydro jetting does not involve in opening the pipe system, this indicates that they will have a lesser exposure to contaminants and plumbers don’t have to deal with the pipes directly.

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