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5 Main Types of Sewer Systems

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Probably, all of us thought that sewer system has the function and task which to convey used water and waste that comes from your homes. On the other hand, this notion is partially incorrect. In the plumbing industry, there are several types of sewers that were designed carry various substances. Some only carry sewage while others can only stormwater.

If you want to know more, here are types of sewer systems along with its different functions:


  1. Sanitary sewer

This is the type of sewer system that conveys sewage and wastewater from industrial and domestic establishments. Sanitary sewers are the ones that carry your used water after using your sinks, toilet and showers and bathrooms. The aforementioned will transported into he main wastewater treatment plant in order to be filtered, treated and discharged in the bodies of water. This type of sewer is created to manage the sewage before discharging them into the river and seas that might result in pollution and death of marine lives when these aren’t treated right.

  1. Storm sewer

Unlike sanitary sewers that carry wastewater and sewage, storm water transports stormwater and rainwater. Stormwater sewers shouldn’t be utilised as a sanitary sewer since this sewer isn’t meant to carry health threatening sewage materials specifically flushed chemical solutions. Its purpose is only to carry rainwater and stormwater until it reaches to river, lakes or even seas which is the reason why it shouldn’t carry sewage for it may harm and pollute the area.

Like any other sewer system, stormwater also needs to be maintained. Within the system, there shouldn’t be sticks, grass, dry leaks and litter to avoid clog issues also to avoid these aforementioned to reach bodies of water. This is just to ensure that the welfare of your rivers and seas are maintained.

  1. Combined sewer

This is a combination of stormwater sewer and sanitary sewer. Combined sewer it will transport wastewater from industrial and domestic buildings at the same time stormwater and rainwater. On the other hand, since it’s a combination of the two sewers and could also transport the aforementioned, this are prone to overflow. When this occur, the environment will be affected by chemical solutions and toxic material is being carried by the sewer. The worse apart in this predicament is that it could pollute and kill trees and marine lives.

  1. Lateral Sewer

Lateral sewers are privately owned by a homeowner, however, this sewer is connected to the public sewer line. It conveys sewage and waste from a particular household into the main sewer line. When it comes to the maintenance, it’s the owner’s responsibility to keep their sewer clean and free from sewer blockages that precipitate to clogs.

  1. Submarine sewer

Similar to lateral sewer, submarine sewer is also privately owned. The purpose of the sewer is to discharges from 3 or more industries and domestic buildings and then, transports it to the main sewer line. When there are any sewer problems, owners should be responsible in mending the problem before it affects other lines.

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