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5 Grounds On Why You Should Opt For Epoxy Resin In Pipe Relining


Pipes are one of the essential components of your plumbing system. That is why you have to make sure that the materials you use on them are not harmful and will not make the pipes deteriorate quicker than they should have. In pipe relining, there are materials, such as epoxy resin, that is used as a coating compound strong enough to seal pipe leaks permanently. If you are in doubt, here are some grounds on why you should opt for epoxy resin for the pipe relining project you’ve got going on.

  1. Does not produce foul odours.

When the epoxy resin is cured in the pipes, it does not produce strong and foul odour unlike most compounds used in repairs or renovations. Rest assured, the new liner is safe for the water to pass through due to the odourless feature of the epoxy resin.

  1. Does not need direct heat exposure.

Other resins need a direct exposure to heat or steam to solidify. This is not the case for the epoxy resin as it has co-reactants that harden it or more likely, cures the resin. However, the epoxy resin’s curing component is not advisable for replacement even if that replacement says that it can cure the resin in a lesser time frame. This cannot make the curing faster but rather, it will only ruin the composition of the substance in the resin.

  1. Does not need too much time to cure.

Every resin takes a certain length of time for it to cure. With epoxy resin, this timeframe can be manipulated according to some factors regarding the installation. An epoxy resin may take some time to cure if there is difficulty in feeding the new liner into the host pipe or if the length of the pipe was not measured well beforehand. However, in the CIPP method, the epoxy resin should be mixed well on the site rather than mixing it in advance.

  1. Does not pose risks to your health.

The epoxy resin contains compounds that are the same with the compounds used in canned goods. Yes, this resin is not harmful to your body and pipes as it has “safe” written all over it. So, it is perfectly safe to use epoxy resin for your water supply pipeline.

  1. Does the removal of asbestos.

One of the good features of the epoxy resin is that it does the removal of the asbestos that are used for pipe insulation. Removing the asbestos on your own is tricky and dangerous, this should only be done by licensed asbestos removal contractors. However, there is a process called asbestos abatement which can be done through encapsulation or encasement. In pipe relining, the epoxy resin gets rid of the asbestos itself. No sweat, right?

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