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5 Different Rodding Heads for Diagnosing Sewer Pipe Problems

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Rodders are often the last resort for most homeowners who wish to have a trouble-free pipeline but are having difficulties in getting the pipes cleaned and resolving recurring issues. When plumbing snakes fail to do the job, contractors and homeowners opt for the rodding tool for a solution to the problem. There are different heads in a rodding tool making the equipment very useful in solving the blockage and accumulation problem that a sewer pipe might have. The different rodding heads make it easy for the tool to remove a wide array of clog-causing substances such as false flushable, tree roots, mud, random objects trapped in the pipes and dirt that make it inside. The different heads give you options on the tool you think that will best remove the obstruction in the pipe. Here are various types of rodding heads that contractors and homeowners use to clear up sewer pipe clogging and during maintenance of the lines:

  1. C or Knife Cutters

C or Knife Cutters are useful in cutting the most random causes of a sewer line blockage such as the grease and fat build-up. This rodding head is a collection of two curved lines on either side that makes it look like a letter ā€œcā€, thus, the name. The rodding tool rotates inside the pipe to cut through fat build-up and sticky accumulations. The structure of the cutter also keeps the accumulated wastes in the tool and effectively suspends them in the water that passes through and carries them away.

  1. Spade or Spear Cutter

A Spade or Spear Cutter is effective in cutting through and clearing up the densely compact accumulations made up of sediment build-ups and lime scale deposits. Some of the situations that this rodding head diffuses are the problems caused by utilization of hard and untreated water. This tool is also often used to clear out fat and grease blockage. It is a success to a degree but the result are never as clean as the Knife Cutter.

  1. Drop Head Auger

At the head of this rodding tool is a spring ball that rotates and helps entangle random fibrous and strand causes of the blockage in hopes of pulling the accumulation out of the pipe as soon as the tangle is big enough to hold the wastes. As the head is dropped into the sewer line, it can go to different directions making it very useful for sewer lines that support many joints since the plumber can stir the tool head in various directions reaching into far corners.

  1. Spiral Cutter

This rodding head is designed to effectively remove intruding roots into the sewer lines. This cutter is sharp enough to make a clean cut through root branches and even cloth. This is the default rodding head with a root blockage that is far too severe for other methods to work.

  1. Funnel Auger

After the initial process of clearing a blocked sewer pipe, it is always the case that a few materials and debris are left behind from the previous substances blocking the entire pipe. The rodding head used by the plumbers to ensure a clean finish is a Funnel Auger. This head make sure that there are no left over particles in the lines.

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