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The 4 Advantages of Moling Over Traditional Pipe Replacement


Traditional pipe replacement makes use of open-cut excavation to remove the old pipeline. This method of replacing pipes continues to become mediocre because of modern trench less solutions. One of the modern pipe replacement methods that are becoming even more popular is moling. In summary, the moling method is done by digging an underground tunnel for the pipes to be taken out. This same tunnel is used to bring in the new pipes. Moling offers a lot of advantages which makes it better than traditional pipe replacement. Read more below to learn about the benefits of moling.

  1. Moling Requires Less Labour And Heavy Equipment

The primary equipment and supplies needed for moling are tunneling tools, computer and pipes. Excavation tools are also used for open cut excavation but it tends to be larger. In traditional replacement methods, large excavators can disrupt the landscape. Of course, this humongous equipment also disturbs the neighborhood. Moling digging tools can be used to dig underground. This method makes it less troublesome to the residents in the location. The labor is also less with moling since the operation only needs a few repair contractors. Excavation requires extensive guidance and operation which is why it requires a lot of manpower.

  1. Moling Is Faster Than A Conventional Pipe Replacement

Doing the entire open-cut excavation consumes a lot of time. First of all, the digging needs to be accurately done so it’s going to take a while for it to be finished. The old pipes are then replaced with the newer ones. After this process, the opened area must be covered again. The entire process of open cut excavation takes even more time if the project is large. Moling on the other hand is way faster in its entire operation. There is no need to excavate and cover the dig site since the pipes are directly fed underground. The computer monitors the digging tool as it goes through the pathway. The operator can alter the dig machine if there are any obstructions in the path. There are even moling methods in which the digging device is carrying the pipeline behind it. This allows the operation to be carried out in a faster rate.

  1. Public Isn’t Exposed To Sewer Wastes And Diseases With Moling

Digging up the pipes isn’t just annoying and disruptive; it can also be hazardous to the public. Opening sewer pipes allow the sewage wastes to be exposed. This can risk the health of people in the surrounding dig site. Not only that, sewer pests can also spread out and carry diseases and bacteria. Moling doesn’t directly open the pipes since the tunneling equipment goes deep underground. Rest assured, the moling procedure won’t expose the public to sewage wastes and diseases.

  1. The Entire Cost of A Moling Procedure Is More Affordable

Open excavations pipe replacements cost a fortune. Not only will you spend a lot of cash for the replacement and labour; you may also have to cover the expenses for the clean-up. Moling doesn’t have extensive digging or clean up so its cost is lesser than a standard pipe replacement.

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