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3 Common Sewer Pipe Misconceptions

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With regards to our plumbing system, there are specific beliefs that people adamantly believe. On the other hand, not all of these beliefs are true. Some of them could only lead to the system’s early deterioration. These beliefs should be falsified in order to correct the false information circulating from the market to your area. Here are some of it:

Sewer system requires minimal maintenance

One of the most common misconceptions pertinent to our sewer pipe is that people think it needs less maintenance in contrast to other plumbing fixture. However, this notion is completely false. Homeowners through of this kind of idea because they think that our sewer pipes are safe and protected since they’re buried underneath the surface. However, with that being, it would be complicated to monitor and inspect the condition of the sewer pipe. Furthermore, sewer pipe issue resembles the signs of a drain complication. On the other hand, there are several temporary solutions that can be used to mend the aforementioned, however, it just occurs again since it wasn’t provided with a decent solution that could entirely eliminate the problem. When this happen, not only one problem will occur but a series of pipe issues that could impede its operation making it totally out of commission.
When it comes to inspecting and keeping the state of your sewer pipes, it would be best to opt for pipe camera inspection along with some pipe cleaning method such as the following:

• Plumbing snake
• Chemical-based products
• Rodding tool
• Water Jetter

False flushable

Lastly, most homeowners that anything that is small enough to pass and flow through the drain is good enough to be flushed down and reached the sewer pipes without endangering the sewer system. If you’re one of those people, it would be best to stop doing them and just put those items in your garbage bin. The following should never reach the sewer system as they can block the passage and cause clog issues:

• Hygiene products
• FOG substances (fat, oil and grease)
• Hair
• Kitchen left-over

Sewer pipe inspection, repair and replace can only be made possible through excavation

Aside from minimal maintenance, a lot of people think that replacing, repairing and inspecting your sewer pipes cam only be possible with the aid of excavation procedures. This notion is wrong. When it comes to maintaining your sewer pipes, excavation procedure is out of the to-do list. Because of the innovation made by the professionals in the plumbing industry, a sewer pipe camera can be utilised to check and locate leaks and cracks within the pipe. When the camera is inserted inside, it will provide footages and a precise report about the state of the sewer system. After that, the contractors will be analysing the video and decide what to do with the pipe. Furthermore, when it comes to pipe replacement and repair, several pipe rehabilitation method have been made to make the procedure dig-free. For instance, opting for pipe relining method. Aside from that, this method is a non-destructive and cheap method of repairing and replacing damaged pipes.

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