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pipe relining icon monvaleA fact of life: plumbing problems can happen to anyone. They usually occur very unexpectedly and require the assistance of a licenced plumber. When the realisation that one’s sewer system needs urgent attention, a sense of panic can arise due to the assumption that a messy and expensive excavation of the family property will be required in order to perform the sewer line repairs. Indications that a sewer system might be in trouble can include the following:

  • Poorly draining sinks and basins around the home
  • Offensive smells emanating from plumbing in and around the home
  • The sewer gully outside is overflowing with wastewater
  • Toilet water won’t recede after flushing
  • Bubbling or gurgling sounds can be heard from sinks and basins

If you’ve noticed any of the above signs of late, be sure to call a professional plumber immediately, otherwise you run the risk of the performance of your sewer system worsening. At this point, you may have concerns about your beautiful landscaping being excavated and the subsequent costs. However, we are pleased to inform you that you have a much cleaner and cheaper method of pipe rehabilitation available to you today, known as ‘pipe relining’.

Pipe relining – an overview

This trenchless method of pipe repair, put simply, involves the insertion of a resin-saturated fibreglass or cloth liner to effectively create a pipe within the affected pipe, making it more resilient than before. This revolutionary process can be used with a wide variety of sewer pipes, ranging in size from 40mm up to 600mm.
The steps in the pipe relining process

To give you a more detailed account of how the pipe relining process is carried out, here are each of the steps:

  • Brief clean of the affected pipe. The first step is to partially clean the affected pipe with a powerful hydro jetter so that the plumbers can inspect the inside of it – step 2.
  • Internal video inspection. Next, a CCTV video inspection is performed in order for the plumbers to gain knowledge of exactly where the damage is located and how extensive it is. At this stage, the plumbers will allow the client to view the footage. This can be useful in assisting the client to make an educated decision about whether or not to opt for pipe relining.
  • Thorough clean. After the video inspection, a meticulous clean of the affected sewer line is conducted, again with the use of the high-powered water jetter. This is an important step in preparation for the insertion of the liner.
  • The relining. After the affected pipe has been thoroughly cleaned, a fibreglass liner that has been soaked in an epoxy resin will be inserted into the host pipe. To ensure a snug fit with the host pipe’s diameter, an air compressor will be used.
  • Time to dry. Once the liner is securely inverted into the host pipe, it will be left to dry or ‘cure’ for typically two hours or so. For bigger pipes, the plumber may also add steam to quicken the drying time.
  • Quality control. Finally, another CCTV video inspection is performed for quality control purposes.
  • Pipe relining – the benefits you can expect

    Pipe relining is an innovative and exciting alternative to traditional pipe repair methods, offering those who utilise it many advantages. Here are some of the benefits you can expect to experience if you opt for pipe relining:

    • Cost-effectiveness – As no digging is required, nor a large team of plumbers or a great deal of equipment, pipe relining is a far cheaper method compared to traditional pipe repair methods.
    • Fast and efficient – This ‘no dig’ method means minimal disruption to your property and life. Generally, pipe relining is done in less than a day. Less complex jobs may be completed in just a few hours. This is a huge advantage over traditional methods that can take several days to carry out.
    • A boost to your sewer system – Another big bonus is that relined pipes perform better than ever. The flow of wastewater through relined pipes is super steady and smooth. Furthermore, relined pipes are highly resistant to potential environmental threats such as the invasion of thirsty tree roots.
    • A long-lasting sewer system – Once your sewer line has been relined, we guarantee it to work effectively for you for up to 50 years.

    If your home sewer system needs attention, why not give pipe relining a go? Call us right away on 0422 648 736 and one of our expert and helpful plumbers will gladly answer any queries you have about this amazing method of pipe rehabilitation.

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