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When it’s time to call a plumber, it’s time to call Plumber Mona Vale. Our hot waterspecialists are highly skilled in handling all types of hot water problems. We are committed in providing quick and reliable plumbing service at an affordable price.

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Hot Water Issues in Mona Vale

Betty reached around and rubbed her aching back. She had suffered from a mild case of scoliosis, since she was a child, and found that it played up on her every now and then. She noticed that the pain seemed to flare up when she sat at her desk for too long. Today was one of those days as she was buried in so much work. Betty looked at her watch and saw that it pointed to 3pm. Hooray, its home time, she thought happily. She hurriedly gathered her things and farewelled her colleagues until next week.

On her way home to Mona Vale, all she could think about was a hot bath, to sooth her back pain. She scolded herself for not moving about more throughout the day, which would have alleviated the pain that she was now experiencing.

She finally pulled into her driveway and eased herself out of the car seat. As she wriggled the key into the lock, she decided that take away food was in order, for her family tonight as she wasn’t in the mood for cooking. When she entered she saw her teenage daughter watching television. Tina could immediately tell that her mum’s back was giving her grief and asked if she could help. “A hot bath would do wonders!” Betty replied and thanked her daughter for offering.

Betty heard the sound of the bath running and saw light at the end of the tunnel. However, a few minutes later, Tina returned with a worried look on her face. “Mum something is wrong with the hot water. There doesn’t seem to be any left.” Betty immediately became concerned because their hot water system was well equipped to deal with the amount of hot water that their family consumed. She agreed that something wasn’t right and decided that calling a professional plumber, would be a wise idea to look at the hot water system.

She called up her husband to see if he knew any good plumbers to call. Her husband asked around his workplace and rang her back with a name and number. His colleagues unanimously spoke highly about a certain plumbing company that operated in Mona Vale and also the extended areas of Bayview, Newport, Ingleside, Warriewood, Church Point, Avalon, Clareville, Whale Beach and Palm Beach.

Betty immediately called and was surprised by how quickly her call was answered. She briefed them on her hot water problem and couldn’t believe when she heard that a plumber would be at her home in the next hour. She thanked them for their helpfulness and hung up the phone to wait.

She decided to make herself a nice cup of tea while she waited for the technician to arrive. She had only just taken her final sip, when she saw a vehicle approach her driveway. The labelling on it indicating that it was the plumber that she had been waiting for.

The plumber was polite and friendly in their conversation and promptly started on discovering the cause of their hot water heater problems. A short time later, he announced that there was an issue with their thermostat on the hot water heater but he was able to rectify it. Betty was dismayed how quickly he got to the bottom of the mystery. The quote was only a fraction of what she expected and was worth every penny, she thought.

Thanks to the efficiency of the plumber, Betty was able to experience instant relief from a long hot soak.

Hot water dramas are a common inconvenience that can occur without warning. Allow our experts to look after your plumber. call us on 0422 648 736.

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