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How to Insulate Your Water Heater for Energy-Efficiency

Plumbermonavale Insulation of Water Heater

Insulating a water heater can lessen heat loss from the tank. It can also prevent the heating and plumbing system from being damaged during winter. There are many ways you can insulate your water heater. Learn more about these methods below.

1. Check the condition first

One of the common reasons why a water heater is losing heat is because of leaks or sediment build-up. Check the status of your water heater before starting your insulation. It’s such a waste of time to insulate a unit that’s old or damaged. You can hire a master plumber to inspect your water heater and have feedback on what to do. If they suggest replacing your water heater then do so. Keeping an aged and dying unit is not worth the repair expenses and effort.

2. Place an insulation blanket

Setting up an insulation blanket is a basic method of insulating pipes. It may be just a basic way but it can definitely help in storing heat for your unit. Insulation blankets come in different sizes. There are blankets made for 30 gallon tanks while some are for 40 gallons. Rest assured, there will be an insulation kit specifically catered for your water heater. Just keep in mind with the R value; the higher the R value of the blanket then the thicker it is. Water heater that’s placed in the attic, basement, or garage should be insulated.
You need to be careful not to cover some parts of the water heater. Some components need to have vents or holes to function. If you have a gas water heater, don’t cover the top portion of the tank. The top area needs to release heat. Lacing an insulation blanket will cause fire so don’t even attempt covering the top of the tank.

Electric water heaters don’t have any exhaust sot it’s okay to cover the top. Just be careful not to screen the heating-element of the unit. The temperature control shouldn’t be covered as well for easier adjustment of the temperature. Aside from that, the T&P valve must be covered as well. The valve needs to release water whenever the tank reaches temperature and pressure limit.

3. Ask help

Don’t worryIf you’re having a tough time insulating the tank; you can always ask help from a plumber. Not only can they help you insulate your water heater but the plumbing and pipes connected to it. You see, it’s not just the water heater that needs to be insulated but the pipes as well. Insulation is very useful during long months of winter since it prevents the plumbing system from freezing.
Get help from an energy company
Plenty of energy companies and home improvement stores offer insulation kits. Some of them even give it for free while others offer it for a ridiculously low price. There are also companies or stores that give free blanket cuts. This will help ensure the insulation will fit your water heater.

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