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How to Choose the Best Hot Water System for Your Needs

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Clean and hot water is conveniently available to almost everyone, thanks to the heated water systems. Each type of hot water system vary from the rest through the involved processes in producing the needed amount of heated water, although all of these water systems have the main purpose of producing hot water.

To determine the right water heating system to be used in your home is no small task as it will have a huge effect on your long-term finances. It is important to take your time to research because an electric hot water system can make up almost one third of your energy bill. One common mistake when selecting a new hot water system is making a rush decision. Do your own research and carefully consider the short- and long-term pros and cons of the water system.

Guidelines for the available options to help you select the most energy-efficient, affordable and practical water heating system for your needs are provided:

  • Continuous Flow vs Storage

Continuous flow hot water systems will heat water as required. The major perk of this type is that you will always have hot water. In most cases, continuous flow is regarded as the more economical option for smaller households with lower water use. Storage hot water system is the most potential of being practical for bigger households with higher water use.

  • Solar

Solar energy can offer up to 70% of your hot water free of charge, which makes it a very environmentally friendly alternative. You will find yourself to save after 5-10 years if you are able to meet the extra cost of AU 1500-$2000 in your initial investment. A booster, such as electric, solid fuel or gas, is available to cover you during cloudy days. Gas-boosted solar will offer you the biggest energy savings. The major issues are practicality and space, besides expense. You may not have the clearance or room to install solar panels that face the right direction.

  • Heat pumps

Heat pumps use about sixty percent less electricity compared to electric hot water systems and it is highly efficient. Heat pumps work through extracting heat from the atmosphere with the use of a compressor and refrigerant gas and using that heat water being stored in a tank. Heat pumps draw in the natural heat from the surrounding air, which makes it a more efficient process.

  • LPG

LPG is the only option for households without reliable, easy access to electricity or natural gas, as purchasing individual tanks is comparatively expensive. This is also ideal for people living in certain rural areas as well as those who simply have no plan to use much hot water. Both options have the same low environmental impact and energy efficiency beyond the fuel itself. Also, both are capable to boost a solar hot water system.

When hiring an expert, ensure that they are able to help you when choosing the right hot water system for the number of people in your household. It is important that you have selected the most practical system for your needs as your decision could have an impact on your future lifestyle and finances.

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