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4 Easy Water Heater Maintenance Tips

Since it’s prone to corrosion and other damaging factors, homeowners must know how important it’s to take care of our water heater. A regular maintenance won’t just avert leaks but also stretch the lifespan of the unit. Failure to do maintenance will only result to a major problem that needs repair service. For some situations, the damage is too severe that homeowners are forced to buy a new one.

Listed below are the helpful tips to protect the unit:

Drain water out of the tank every year

Some of you might probably think why you have to drain tank just to maintain the unit’s efficiency. The reason for this is because draining the tank will flush out all the sediments and other debris found in the storage tank. Sediments are dangerous since it can create leaks in the tank. In addition, it will also act as an insulator making it difficult for the burner to heat the water. Apparently, it will take time for the burner to heat resulting for the unit to overheat. For newly purchased units, it’s best to drain it at least once a year. However, for older units, it recommended to flush it more than once a year.

Inspect the anode rod every 3 years

The rod is known as a sacrificial rod that averts other components from rust. Because of its purpose, it’s inevitable that the rod itself will corrode. That’s why it’s best to check the rod every 3 years to see if its corroded. Once it’s useless, other components will get affected by corrosion that will cause the entire unit to malfunction. A sign that tells you that the rod is corroded is when you see that most of its metallic portion is covered with sediments or calcium. In addition to this, when there is an exposed 15-inch steel wire.

Check the T&P valve

The purpose of the valve is to release water if the unit starts to overheat because of intense pressure and temperature. If the valve malfunctions, there’s a possibility that the unit will explode. With this, homeowners must check the valve and see if it’s still working. One way to see if its works is by pulling the lever on the valve and release it. Water should be flowing out of the valve. Repeat the procedure for at least 3 times. The valve might be broken if there’s no water coming out. Have it repaired or replaced right away.

Install an expansion tank

A huge amount of water due to high temperature can damage the water heater system. However, there’s a way to avert the water heater from damaging itself due to the two aforementioned. With an expansion tank, there’s a volume of water that’ll be taken by the tank and allow the unit to have more space. However, keep in mind that only professional plumbers should install the expansion tank. This is to ensure that the tank is properly set-up and will work efficiently.

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