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Why It’s Important to have an Exhaust Fan for your Bathroom

exhaust fanOne of the most essential features a bathroom will ever have are the exhaust fans. Sanitising and caring for your bathroom is a great maintenance habit, but without an exhaust fan, it will never be fully hygienic.

It Helps Get Rid of Odour

No matter how much you scrub and apply disinfectants in your bathroom, it will always stink if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. Millions of germs from human wastes and other rubbish float in the air and contribute to the depraving smell. Even with fragrant bathroom sprays, the stench can easily resurface, but with an exhaust fan, the odour can be easily removed. The fans are extremely important to have a stench-free air.

Makes the Air Chemical Free

Since bathrooms are filled with countless germs, homeowners use strong chemicals to eliminate these germs. Unfortunately, these chemicals can still linger in the room. If these substances stay for too long, it can negatively affect anyone who is always using the comfort room, especially those who have sensitive immune systems like kids and elders.

It’s even worse for those who are currently suffering from lung ailments. This is another solid reason why you need to install an exhaust fan. Aside from the chemicals, the fan can also lessen the spores of moulds.

It Acts as a Dehumidifier

Too much moisture in the bathroom could lead to hard water stains, damage to paints and wallpapers, and many more. Placing an electric fan on the bathroom to dry the walls and floors is impractical and it’s not really that effective. Moulds also survive and grow with the help of moisture. Besides, exhaust fans can dehumidify faster than standard electric fans.

Maintaining the Exhaust Fan

A lot of people justify not having an exhaust fan because of the loud noise it creates, however, the annoying sound is caused by either improper installation or installing a low quality fan. Aside from the noise, an incorrect set up will also cause the fan to fail in dispersing the heat outside the bathroom. Having these nuisances is not enough to dismiss the importance of exhaust fans.

In purchasing an exhaust fan, make sure to buy the models that have a rate of 1 or less in the sone rating since these will be the units that produce minimal noise–but it does come with an expensive price tag.

Keeping the exhaust fan in proper shape will make the ventilation run smoother and become more effective. Over the course of time, the fan will eventually gather a lot of dust–and when this happens, it will become less operational.

Cleaning the fan every three to six months is recommended so that there will be no dirt build-up. Wipe the fan cover and blades with a clean and dry cloth. You can also add a little bit of hot water mixed with soap. For hard to reach places like the motor, use a tiny brush to clean it and remove any debris. Be sure to let it dry before reinstalling the whole equipment.

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