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Top 5 Residential Plumbing Problems


Each home has a different plumbing issue than the next. What’s great about that is that you are probably not the only one experiencing the problem. Hundreds of homeowners spend needlessly on plumbing fixtures gone haywire. In this article you will know the 5 most common plumbing problems a homeowner faces.

1. Blocked Drain

Are left to stand on a puddle every morning after your shower because your floor drain takes an eternity to do its job? Does your sink smell because of stagnant water trapped in the catch basin after doing the dishes by hand and it just won’t drain? Your problem is pretty obvious and not rare one at that.

Blocked drains are the primary cause for calling plumbers. This is when hair, mineral deposits, grease and oil, and other substances that are harmful to your drainage system actually goes down the drain. These deposits are fairly hard to remove and can harden over time.

2. Running Toilet

This happens when your toilet tank does not stop releasing water to the toilet bowl. In this sense, you are waiting water while letting it eat at your water bill. As a result, your toilet will have a hard time flushing solid wastes and your water bill skyrockets.
To see if your toilet is running, put a small amount of food colour into the toilet tank and leave it be for a couple of minutes. Do not use the toilet during this time. If after a few minutes, you see the food colour on the walls of the toilet bowl, you have a running toilet. If not, then your toilet tank is in good working condition.

3. Blocked Toilet

The toilet is not that far from a drain. In fact, it blocks more often than the drain. When you have a blocked toilet, things are going to get messy, smelly and downright filthy. You would not be able to flush the toilet leaving you with a very smelly and dirty bathroom.

Since it is very seldom that foreign objects end up down the siphon, most causes of toilet blockage are toilet papers, sanitary products and hair. But in times when foreign objects do end up down there, a helpful way to clear up the block is to use a toilet plunger or an auger to pull it out.

4. Dripping Tap

A kitchen tap is one of the most used fixtures in any home. It is not a wonder why this mechanism is subjected most to being a victim of wear and tear. In choosing a kitchen tap, you keep in mind several important factors; the durability, functionality and the price. But it is not always a given that the most expensive tap will last the longest. Sometimes, it will depend on several factors for its lifespan such as the texture of the water and whether or not you are handling the product properly.

A dripping tap will cause your bill to rise if left unattended for a long time. When your tap drips, this is a signal that one or more mechanisms inside the tap is defective and needs fixing or replacement.

5. Water Pressure

Though water pressure is limited at 60-80 psi, lower water pressure is also a frustration none of us want to face. There is nothing more exasperating than turning on the shower for your morning bath rituals but because of the low pressure, the supply will not reach the showerhead.

In cases of low water pressure, it is best that you invest on a water pressure booster. But before you do that make sure that it is really the main water line that is the problem. It could also be that you are having low water pressure because the supply cannot pass through some of the pipes because the pipes have mineral build up inside the tubes.

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