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7 Types of Water Storage Tanks

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Most households choose to install water storage tanks to store potable or non-potable water for domestic applications. Upon selection, you might be confused about what type is best and secure for installation. It is actually normal to look towards an appliance’s advantages to ensure its efficiency.
Here are the types of tanks which are suitable for storing water, either potable or not.

1. Corrugated Steel Tanks

As suggested by its name, this tank is made up of corrugated steel. It is economical and affordable yet versatile, durable and long-lasting. This comes in various sizes making it capable of providing a large area for water storage. Its strength can withstand strong winds and seismic activities. This has interior linings as well, either potable or non-potable, basically designed to keep direct and constant contact between water and the galvanised steel which may possibly result to corrosion. Interior lining will be based on the kind of water it stores. The potable lining should be utilised when it is for drinking water storage purposes.
Corrugated steel water tanks are lightweight and compact making it easy for shipping. It can be easily relocated as well for it can be dismantled. This can store different liquids such as drinking water, rainwater, wastewater, acids, feedstock, detergents and food grade liquids.

2. Welded Steel Tanks

Steel water tanks can be used to store various liquids with different applications and purposes. This is suitably used for long term storage. Fluctuating liquids, be it fuel or potable water, can be stored in a steel tank. This has high durability making it able to withstand long-term storage and can restrain any destruction when situated below the ground.

3. Fibreglass Tanks

Fibreglass water tanks will satisfy your residential, domestic, industrial and commercial needs with its high durability, flexibility, resilience and standard quality. This is apparently made up of fibreglass material and utilises a resin to last long and increase efficiency. They are one of the famous choices among many households because fibreglass material can restrain corrosion, destruction caused by chemical solutions and the stress caused by varied temperatures. This secures the well-being of your tank from cracks, corrosion and denting.

4. Poly Tanks

Poly tanks are basically created with the use of plastic materials. This can be used for various applications such as drinking water storage and collection of rainwater. The exterior of these tanks is extremely durable and strong making it stable and strong. Unlike steel tanks, they are not susceptible to corrosion and can be suitably installed on height restricted areas or locations with tight storage.

5. Pillow/Bladder Tanks

Pillow or bladder tank, which is also termed as collapsible water tanks, are a reliable and practical option for areas that need equipment for temporary water storage. This is a wise choice for outdoor locations for they are easy to store and transport. This tank comes with a wide range of sizes and liquid compatibilities. It is suitable for industrial uses, constructions and storage.

6. Onion Tanks

Onion water tanks are best used during emergency events. This has an open top, easy to access fittings and self-rising walls. This is quite popular for fire fighting efforts. These are commonly used for temporary water storage, decontamination, storage of industrial water and during disasters or calamities as they are easy to handle and convey.

7. Frame Tanks

Frame tanks are perfect for emergency uses as well for they are easy to transport, easy to fill, foldable and can be quickly unfolded. Fire fighters utilises this tank during fire fighting.

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