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5 Signs of a Broken Pipe

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Before your plumbing system goes down, it provides hints that tell there is something wrong with and it can still be repaired. However, since most of us are probably busy on our work, we neglect these signs and make the issues even worst. Similar to our pipe system, there are certain signs that mean something is wrong with it. The following are the common signs of a broken pipe:

  1. Stinky smell

When your pipes are cracked or damaged, it produces a disturbing smell in your kitchen sink and bathroom drains. Also, the obstructions could be the reason why backup begins to occur. The smell produced is from the wastewater that wasn’t conveyed into the sewage pipe. If the problem isn’t mended, it could the health of your family. To avoid this from happening, take some time to conduct an inspection to your pipe system as soon as possible.

  1. Wet spots

Wet spots occur in your household when there problems with the pipes that are installed on your wall or ceiling. These spots can be visible on ceiling and wall as well as your basement floor. Most of the time, this happen because there is crack on the pipe that is used to convey clean water and wastewater. The patches and spots are the areas where you can find the cracks. This problem should be repaired immediately for it the cracks might worsen and flood your household.

  1. Banging and clanking

This kind of sound when the pipe bump into each other once the pressure of the water weights on them. Most of the time, this happens to pipes that its joints are corroded or to those pipes that are over its lifespan. When this happen, some section of the pipes may wear out. If you see some signs in your pipe system, its means that the pipe system has a problem and that should be   repaired so that it won’t exacerbate. The best solution to the dilemma is to replace the pipe system.

  1. Slow water supply and high water bill

When you’re rarely provided with enough supply of water but your water bill is a bit higher compared to last month’s, there is something wrong with your piping system. One of the ways to men this issue, it would be best to call for a professional to help your mend the problem. It’s much better to pay for a professional plumber to fix the situation than to pay high water bills even your there isn’t enough supply and you aren’t even consuming it.

  1. Gurgling and bubbling noise

These kinds of sounds are due to the tiny holes on the pipe. With that being said, the air can enter the pipe through which reduces the passage of the volumes of water that causes the water to have a hard time passing through.  When it is neglected, the buildup of water pressure will cause the pipe to burst. Also, for bubbling sounds, this is produced once the air coming from the cracks can’t find its way out.  

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