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4 Typical Causes of a Running Toilet


Nobody would ever want to waste clean water day after day. Every people would want to save water not just for the future but for the avoidance of high water bills too. But this would be impossible if your plumbing system doesn’t work as expected without you noticing it. Some causes of water wastage are running toilet, leaky pipes and dripping taps. Be sure to inspect your home’s plumbing system as often as possible to give a quick cure to complications such as to that of running toilets. Here are some things you can check for possible malfunctions.

1. Lift Chain Problems

Sometimes, the length of the lift chain matters. It the chain is too short, it might hinder the tight water stoppage of the flapper. On the other hand, too much length might interfere the flapper’s closing activity. Make sure that the lift chain is of perfect length to avoid interruption to the flapper. If lift chain is too short, you can install aluminium or stainless ball chains.

2. Dirty or Broken Flapper

When there is dirt build-up on your flapper, this is probably the reason why your flapper could not close properly. Cleaning it often would be best to avoid running toilet occurrences. Sometimes, because of excessive use, flapper might wear out or break, creating a leakage that would allow water passage. Check your flapper for any damage and change it with new one if it no longer be repaired.

3. Float Spot

If the float ball is too high, then the water would go beyond the overflow pipe. Normally, after flushing, water should stay just below the overflow pipe to avoid overflowing of water. If this is so, lower your float ball by bending the rod that connects your float ball and your pump. Float ball will signal the stopping of the water supply.

4. Sticky Flush Valve

Sometimes, after flushing, when you noticed that the water still escapes from the tank to the toilet bowl unless you wiggle the handle again, the problem might be on the flush valve. When the flush valve is sticky or stuck, it will hinder the flapper from closing tightly against the drain.

Sometimes, it would be more practical to deal with easy problems by yourself. A problem such as running toilet is easy unless you know what to check and where to start.

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