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4 Reasons Why A Sump Pump Fails

sump-pumpSump pumps? What are those? If you’re not familiar with this device then it’s time you need to know more of its importance. The sump is your basement’s first and effective defense against flooding. It won’t matter if the flood water is from a heavy downpour or busted pipe; the sump pump will be able to get rid of the excess water. Sump pumps are just like any other devices. It will eventually stop becoming functional at some point. Get to know the reasons why a sump pump fails.

1. Power Outage

Sometimes a heavy rain is accompanied with thunderstorms and strong winds which can cause power outage. Either a thunderstorm or gale can cut electric lines or even break electric posts. Sump pumps need electricity to function so it becomes somewhat useless if there is a power outage. Fortunately, there is something you can do with this problem. What you need to do is install a backup generator. Just manually turn on the generator if ever there is a power failure. After installing a generator, you don’t have to worry about electricity outage anymore.

2. The Discharge Pipes Is Frozen Or Clogged

The function of the discharge pipe is to pump out the water drained by the pump. If it’s frozen or clogged then there is no way for the water to be discharged. The flood water will continue to accumulate until it completely hinders the sump pump. It can be difficult to keep the discharge pipe from freezing — even with insulation. The best course of action is to install a secondary discharge line. Water from the pumps can still be released with the help of the second discharge pipe. Install a grate on the discharge pipe to prevent medium and large debris from collecting in the pipes. You should not be overconfident with having a grate installed. Cleaning and clearing out obstructions in the discharge pipe is still needed. After all, maintaining a discharge pipe that has a grate does not require too much work.

3. The Float Switch Is Jammed

A sump pump needs a component that will trigger it in case the water level increases. The float switch serves as the trigger. There are different types of float switch; some of which even have electronic sensors. Sometimes the pump changes positions and causes the float switch to shift. In other cases, the float switch is jammed by debris and clogs. This can be easily remedied by adjusting the float switch as well as cleaning the pump.

4. No Cleaning Maintenance And Inspection

A sump pump will continue to build-up debris and clogs as it pumps water. This is why you must have it cleaned and inspected periodically. Doing a quarterly maintenance and cleaning is enough for most sump pumps. Make sure that vents and the discharge pipe is free from obstructions. Pour vinegar into the sump pump to sanitize it. Making sure the float switch isn’t jammed or stuck is also one way of maintaining your sump pump.

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