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4 Techniques to Keep Your Drainage System in Working Condition


It is certain that most homeowners forgot the maintenance and routine inspection of the drainage system causing them to encounter multiple troubles in the future, and when they do, it is obvious that they can’t solve it by themselves. Homeowners who do not pay much attention to their system might never notice the trouble and might even worsen if not addressed immediately. In order to avoid these problems, it is a homeowner’s main duty to clean and free these drains from troubles and odour-causing materials such as food leftovers, grease and fat. Though it is supposed to carry solid and liquid wastes, some of the materials are still unpermitted within the system, especially those that are the main causes of clogs and obstructions. Here are some tips so you can maintain the well-being and good condition of your drainage system.


Strain food leftovers, bits and chunks

Chunks and bits of food don’t necessarily mean large sizes and slices of meat and fish that are hard to accumulate in the system. The chunks and bits here are used to describe those food particles that might appear to be small enough but are indeed huge enough for your drain holes but can still be poured down. They are the primary causes of clogging and obstruction as they might create food build-up within the system until no space will be left for water flow. Aside from that, this will demand costly repair and maintenance procedures as well.


Vinegar solution

If you did pay much attention to your drainage system, this might be familiar to you. Many people have already proven how effective vinegar is when cleaning and sanitising sewer and drainage systems. It has been also proven that its high acidity is very effective in deodorising and killing odour-causing bacteria within your sewer lines and drainages. This is as well the primary reason why it has the capability to remove and dissolve clogs or other forms of build-ups.

When you perform this in your plumbing system, you really do not have to worry as this won’t take much of your time. You would only need to pour the vinegar solution in the system and leave them for about 30 minutes. Then, after that, pour hot water into the vinegar solution poured in the drainage to make sure that the dissolve build-up, the clogs and the food chunks are completely drained down the line. The vinegar smell might be left in the drainage afterwards so all you will have to do is remove it, as well as the odour left in the system.


Get rid of foul smell through deodorization

Many homeowners try to utilise chemical solutions to deodorise drains as they can help as well, but the problem is, they can contribute to the damages within your system as well as its deterioration. As an alternative, numerous non-chemical and natural deodorisers such as baking soda, fruit extracts and non-corrosive cleaning solutions are available and are suggested. These can remove the odour permanently without worrying about them again unless you don’t drain odour-causing substances anymore. Some homeowners utilise scented sprays to remove the odour but this is only a temporary solution.


Try to regularly pour boiling water into the system

This is yet the most convenient drainage maintenance technique. The primary motive of this maintenance act is to cease drained oily and fatty materials from clinging into the drainage interior which will soon cause clogs and slow draining.

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