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4 Recurring Issues with Your Garbage Disposal System

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A garbage disposal unit is a welcome luxury in every home. This is just a tiny detail in your kitchen sink that will make a huge difference on how you go about cleaning the whole area, dish washing and basically your attitude on how things in the kitchen should be taken on. This fixture will make your kitchen squeaky clean and your drains smelling, and working, much better. There are, however, issues that you have to deal with even when you have upgraded your sink drains with this feature. There is a long list of the issues that can possibly occur when you install a garbage disposal unit. That is one of its setbacks amongst the million other advantages. So, to give an idea about those possible issues, here are some of the most recurrent ones you can expect:

  1. Jamming

A jammed disposal can be considered as a damaged disposal altogether since the unit would no longer function. This is mostly caused by wastes and other materials that got stuck in between the blades due to odd angles of entry or them being too big or solid for the blades to crush. The main roots of this problem could be linked to homeowners who are not that keen on choosing what goes down the drain and what gets to be dumped in the trash bin.

To fix this problem, turn off your disposal unit and insert a wrench into the small socket hole that can be found at the bottom of the unit. After that, shake the shredder back and forth using the wrench or a mop handle to dislodge whatever is stuck between its blades. If this works, you can now turn on the disposal and resume doing your dishes.

  1. Won’t Turn On

This is usually caused by electrical shortage. To remedy this problem, check your circuit breakers or fuse boxes. If you are certain that there has been no problem with the electrical power source, you can try and reset the unit to see if the problem lies with the unit itself.

All you have to do is locate the reset button. For most units, this is located at the bottom. When you see that the button is already popped out, then you will be back to the first conclusion that the problem is that there is a material stuck inside the shredder of further somewhere inside the unit.

  1. Leaks

Check the body of your disposal unit regularly. When you see a leakage, this could lead to various problems when left untended for long. Remember that when the leak is coming from the pipe connecting the unit to the sewer drains or pipeline, you can do a temporary fix by applying epoxy seals and other remedies such as Teflon tape and rubber with clamp on top. However, if the leakage if springing from the actually area where the drain pipe meets the disposal unit, you must remove the rubber in between and replace that with a new one.

  1. Noises

When you hear noises coming from the disposal unit, this could mean either there are loose screws and bolts or that there are solid materials such as glass and metal that made it through the mouth of the drain. By all means, you need to remove these objects to restore the unit back to its former performance level.

To do this, all you need to do it turn off the unit, look for the pieces and use thongs to remove them. In the case of the loose bolts and screws, you can choose to do the fixing by yourself and go ahead and tighten the loose pieces. However, if you find that this is too hard for you, you can call for professional assistance from your local plumbing service provider.

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