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Why is Epoxy Is Effective In Pipe Relining?

The coating used for the pipe liners in pipe relining vary depending on the the method or the plumbing company. Some of these companies use epoxy as the main component of the lining. In this article we’ll focus on what makes epoxy a special substance and why it’s used in certain pipe relining methods.

It was Proven to Be Effective in the Past

In the late 1970’s, UK started to make use of epoxy as a substitute for bitumen and cement since these were inefficient when used as linings for water systems. As years progress, it became frequently used and is now a prominent component in pipe relining.

The Composition

The basic structure of the epoxy lining is the composition of two components: the epoxy resin and some sort of hardening/curing agent. With the combination of these two substances, a hard material is created which is then used as the lining or barrier for the host pipe.

Back in the days, people were still cautious with the use of this epoxy since they didn’t know how could it affect the water system. After all, the chemicals might cause negative effects like contaminating the water supply. Studies and tests were conducted to have a better understanding of its reaction to the pipe system.

As it turns out it’s actually an excellent material for pipe relining. Unlike galvanised metal pipes, epoxy is tolerant or resistant to moisture, eliminating the problem of rusting pipes. Aside from its tolerance to moisture, epoxy doesn’t have any alcohol like solvent and benzyl.

It doesn’t produce harmful microbes or toxins

Before epoxy was commercialised as a main material in pipe linings, it had to undergo assessments if it can be a precursor for the development of bacteria and dangerous compounds. Water quality tests were introduced and the results showed no bacteria or even cytotoxic aggregates. There were temporary microbes but it proved negligent since these bacteria were non-pathogenic, meaning it doesn’t have the ability to cause diseases. After the research, epoxy has been widely used in various construction applications, especially pipe relining.

Easy Application in Modern Pipe Relining

The epoxy lining is not only a sturdy material but also long-lasting. It can be easily applied to pipes that are made of clay, cement, and even steel. Epoxy helps refine the internal structure of the pipes to prevent leakages, mould growth, and even tree root invasions. The water flow is also improved thanks to the smooth surface of the epoxy.

Apart from being an effective barrier between the internal pipe materials and water, it’s also easy to apply. Unlike conventional pipe repair methods, applying the epoxy lining doesn’t require excavations. First, a pipe mapping and maintenance check is done. After that, the pipe is thoroughly cleaned and any form of blockage in the pipes is taken care of. The epoxy coating is then inserted into the pipes with the use of air or water pressure. Proper conditioning and distribution of the lining is also applied. This usually takes a few hours which is really fast compared to conventional pipe repairs.

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