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4 Major Types of Sewer Pipes

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The plumbing industry continues to thrive and improve its technology. The limitations of primitive methods are soon conquered by avant-garde processes of the modern times. The plumbing and sewer systems are composed of integral components made up of various materials. These parts are continually innovated by the trade persons so as to keep up with the demands and development of modernisation. There are a lot of pipe materials used in the past that are still used today, as much as the upgraded and innovative ones are presented. Read on to know more about the assorted types of sewer pipes available in the market. Hopefully, this will help you deliberate on what pipe materials must you use for your sewer system.

Cast Iron Pipes

Cast iron was popularly used for pipes before 1960. With its durability and resistance to physical strain, it is even still used today, although not that prevalently. Cast iron pipes have an impressive service lifespan, it can last up to 80 – 100 years. However, this will only apply to pipe that are maintained to their optimal condition. In reality, cast iron pipes fail to reach their maximum life expectancy due to their main weaknesses: corrosion and chemical exposure. Like all metal pipes, cast iron is helpless when it comes to corrosive agents. When they finally succumb to rusting, they will be reduced to a crumbling state and will soon become inoperative. Their ruptured, loosened, and broken parts will also form clogs in the sewer channels. With all these repercussions that arise due to its metallic composition, cast iron pipes are often substituted with plastic pipe materials.

Galvanised steel

Another metal pipe aside from cast iron is galvanised steel. It is truly durable and can even surpass the toughness of the cast iron. However, it has a shorter life span which is only half a century. Most old homes have galvanised steel pipes installed in their sewers. So if the residents encounter plumbing related difficulties such as rusty/discoloured water and blocked drains, it is best to have their sewer pipes inspected by professionals so that the necessary replacements are made.


Copper sewer pipes are one of the few metal pipes that can survive acute rusting and degradation because of its ability to repel harsh chemicals and corrosion. Due to its expedient qualities, it may charge you higher than other pipe materials in the market. There are several types of copper accessible and some are fit for drain lines while some are appropriate for water pipelines.
Plastic Pipes

Plastic pipes can be divided into varying types such as PVC (polyvinyl-chloride),ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene), CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride), among others. But take note that not all of these plastic pipes are designed for sewer systems. There are some types meant for waterline purposes.

PVC is generally popular in sewer pipe installations and repairs since it is impervious to chemical attacks and agent exposures. They are also easy to cut into desired lengths and can be readily installed with minimal labour. However, do doubt the toughness of the PVC since it can be sliced and segmented easily. In fact, PVC is as sturdy as most pipe materials

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