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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Heat Pump Water Heaters

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You need to replace your water heater if it’s past its lifetime or too dysfunctional to be any use. If it’s your first time buying a heating system or aren’t updated with the new type; then you may want to consider purchasing a heat pump water heater. This water heating system is technologically advanced and offers a lot of benefits. It also has its own drawbacks just like any other water heating system. Get to learn more about them below:

The BENEFITS you can get:

Save Money From Utility Bills

Heat pump systems use electricity to absorb the surrounding heat from the air. The heating system then uses the heat it absorbed to warm the water. This method saves a lot of energy and isn’t reliant on gas fuels. The user can also control how much time the water heater will operate. This allows the user total control over how much energy he/she is willing to use for heating water.

Can Still Work During Days With Cold Temperature

It’s easy to conclude that a heat pump system won’t be able to fully function during cold days. Heat pumps can actually still work during cold season. A standard heat pump system is able to function between temperature ranges of 283K to 316K.

Adjustable Heating

There are days when you scarcely need hot water. During these days, you can adjust the settings of the water heater. Your modified setting will run for 24 hours until you change it. This is a handy feature that will save you a lot of money from energy expenses. An eco-friendly heating system It doesn’t use any natural gas for fuel so it doesn’t produce any gas emissions that can damage the ozone layer. This is also one of the few heating systems that don’t have any burning mechanism. If you’re not fond of using water heaters that harm the environment; then you should really consider heat pump systems.

Anti-Freezing Feature

Heat pump water heaters have a smart feature in which it can defrost itself to remain functional in low temperature. The device will automatically defrost or not — depending on the temperature, evaporator temperature, and running time.

The DRAWBACKS Of Using This System

The cost of this water heater is high

There is no denying that heat pump systems are very expensive. In fact, it’s even more costly to purchase and install a heat pump than most water heating systems out there.

It Requires A Lot Of Space

Heat pump water heater has a lot of features so it needs a lot of components to make those features work. This is why the size of the unit is so large. It’s even bigger than a standard water heater unit. There are some heat pumps that are smaller in size but lack some features that make this water heater great.

Quality Is Still Not Standardised

The heat pump water heater is still at its early stage in terms of quality. There won’t be consistency in quality so only purchase from a reputable manufacturer.

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