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5 Major Types of Hot Water Systems

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The modern day market is now offering you many models of a variety of home appliances other than the conventional ones. This has widened your choice for the best water you can install. Now, it is an edge if you know the capabilities and features of the water heaters present in the market to help you accomplish that one crucial task. Here are the most common water heaters and their unique attributes they bring within them.

1. Conventional storage water heaters

Is still the most famous type of home water heaters which has a water reservoir containing up to 80 gallons of hot water. This type of water heater will generate hot water through the utilization of fuel oil, natural gas, electricity and propane. The water contained by the tank is heated from time to time giving you the assurance that an amount of hot water is always ready for use and consumption and because of that, energy will always be wasted even if you don’t use hot water for any purposes. Heat is generated even if there is no hot water demand.

2. Tankless or demand-type water heaters

In contrast to that of the conventional storage water heaters, this kind of water heater will only provide hot water when needed. This can increase your savings from energy costs because standby heat loss is not associated with this kind of water heater. As suggested by its name, this does not come with a tank. Though this cost higher than that of the conventional storage water heater, it is guaranteed that it has a low energy cost and is durable because of its easy replaceable parts that contributes to the extension of its life.

3. Heat pump water heaters

Heat pump water heaters can be used not only to heat water but to heat and cool your home as well. The heat that it produces with the help of electricity can travel from one place to another that direct generation of heat. This will collect heat from your home and dumps it into a tank to be used in heating water, thus it is apparently efficient than that of the conventional water heaters.

4. Solar water heaters

This is the least costly and the most eco-friendly among them all. This uses the heat from the sun or sunlight, which is a free source of energy, to generate hot water. This can be utilized even on different weather and season. This has a tank to store water and a solar collector which gathers sunlight to be used in hot water production.

5. Tankless coil and indirect water heaters

Tankless coil water heaters supplies the demanded domestic hot water without the utilization of a hot water storage tank, thus it is called tankless. It makes use of a heating coil, situated in the boiler that heats the water that passes through it. This kind of water heater has a high efficiency level especially when regularly used during cold season but lowers its efficiency level when the temperature is high.

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