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Procedure to conduct a proper emergency plumbing

Emergency plumping entails various procedures. First and foremost, there is need for gas shut-off. Turning off the gas shut off valve will result to all pilot lights such as stove, clothes dryer, water heater and furnace to go out hence there is need to have another qualified individual to relight each and every pilot when turning the gas back on. Forgetting to do this may result in a very dangerous build up of gas in your home. Generally, automatic gas shut-off valves are the best way of ensuring that your gas turned off in case of a serious earthquake.
It is essential for everyone to take time and find the main shut off valve for their water. this will ensure that in case a water pipe bursts which may result to a lot of spilled water inside your home, one can shut off the water supply very quickly hence reducing damage. Within your house, there are more shut off valves that are localized to the fixtures that use them such as sinks, washing machine, dishwater, toilets and water heater.
Another procedure to conduct a proper emergency plumbing is to prevent a burst water pipe due to winter freeze, which requires that you look for other water pipes that are not insulated or pass via unheated spaces and wrap them with fire glass insulation or rubber sleeves in a per-molded foam. In case you are much tense about a water pipe getting frozen, it is important to first wrap it using a special electrical cord heating tape that emit heat. Also consider protecting from flooding with area drains around your home or house to provide relief from rain water and run off. Always maintain these drains by removing sands and rocks which could be filling them so as to ensure proper flow of water.

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