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FAQs about Gas Leaks

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Gas leak problems are one of the most feared plumbing complications ever. It could cause an explosion to your entire household that is why as much as possible it has to be  mended right away. However, there are some homeowners that have concerns with regards to gas leaks like what causes it happen. Below are other questions pertinent to gas leaks:
What causes a gas leak?

Most of the time, gas leaks happen due to malfunctioning home appliances such as cookers and boilers. Badly-fitted appliances will cause the gas to escape. Usually, it escapes either from the seal or the gas hose leading to the facility. The first thing to do to avoid this from happening is to ensure that your device is installed by a recognised CORGI today known as Gas Safe Engineer.

To guarantee that your engineer is accredited, look for the gas safe website or you can also ask the engineer to show their registration certificate to you. Always be cautious for your second-hand or old appliances especially if you are trying to move from one house to another for there might connections that were loosened during the move-out.
What can happen if a gas leak is neglected?

One of an inevitable situations that will happen when gas leaks occur, is it can lead to fires, carbon monoxide poisoning or worse, explosion. Keep in mind that if you smell gas, don’t hesitate to take action right away.
How do you detect a gas leak?

There are certain physical hints to detect if you have gas leaks in your household. If you feel dizzy, nauseous, light-headed or ill without any particular reasons, go immediately outside. If you feel better right after it, it is a sign that you are feeling the result of CMP.
Here are some signs that tell you there is a gas leak in your house:

  • Check for a blue flame instead of a yellow or orange flame.
  • Examine if there are any pilot light that invariably look to blow out.
  • For the external surface of your appliance, inspect for any black or brown burn areas or soot throughout your appliance.
  • The presence of damp smell or extreme condensation on the windows indicates there is a leak.

What should I do if I smell gas?

Take action right away. One of the things you need to do is to shut down the gas supply. There is a valve that manages the flow of gas is linked to a pipe at a right angle. This could be hard to find and to access. That is why, you have to be well acquainted with your facilities so whenever there is an emergency, you will be able to access what component that needs to be accessed.

Next thing to do is to open the windows for the gas to disperse. While you try to let the gas escape, try not to use any electric switches for its sparks could possibly precipitate an explosion. Ask a professional for assistance right away.
How do I avert gas leaks?

The best thing to do for this dilemma to happen is to maintain your appliances. It is the best defence against this kind of situation. Also, if possible try to set up an audible carbon monoxide alarm within your household. There are a lot of inexpensive CMAs in your local store. Set it up in an open space and the batteries should be changed annually.

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