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Do’s During a Pipe Burst Incident

In every household, maintenance is the key in keeping every plumbing and sewage fixture in perfect condition. However, there will always be unfortunate cases when even routine maintenance and the top-rack plumbing equipment and components a homeowner use cannot be reliable to sustain a health supply main line.

During these times, the reaction and how fast the homeowner can dish out an effective solution usually is the lifeline between saving the pipeline and having a completely unsalvageable system. The way that a homeowner reacts and how fast will determine the totality of the damage in most cases. This is the reason why homeowners need to be properly educated when it comes to what to do and how to react during an instance of a burst pipe. Here are the best courses of action that a homeowner can take to keep the damage under control and to prevent others from developing:

  1. Look for signs.

The first step in dealing with a burst pipe is look for the area that needs fixing. When you are certain that the cause of the water pooling under your feet in your basement or anywhere in your house is because there is a burst pipe in your supply line, then look for it. As you do this, remember that it is not always confined in flat surfaces and horizontally laid pipes. In fact there are countless cases when the burst is located overhead – in ceilings, and in walls. If this happens, the whole property will possibly be flooded with water.

  1. Locate the stopcock.

Remember that every pipeline is installed with default devices that can halt the problem and place the damage under control. In this case, look for a stopcock in your property. This will ensure every homeowner that the gushing can stop in a blip. If you are unable to locate this device, shutting off the main water supply leading to your property can be an option as this can still accomplish the same result. Note that this solution can only be applicable in privately owned properties.

  1. Mop up the spilled water.

Usually, when homeowners notice the problem, it is already too late. For instance, a burst pipe remains undetected until the gushing water floods the basement or over-waters the plants in the garden making the yard look like a marshland. If the problem is already this far along, all a homeowner can do is to minimise it. So, to make things easier for the plumber to fix the problem, try to mop up all the spilled water on the floor. This can be one less issue that the plumber will need to worry about.

  1. Do NOT use electrical devices.

As mentioned before, a burst pipe can flood the floors. To prevent the worst turn of events, avoid using electrical-powered devices in these areas so as not to get you electrocuted. It can be easy to forget simple things like this especially when everyone is already panicking

  1. Move the furniture.

Another measure to lessen the damage is to move the furniture away from the area. Sofas and other dryable appliances can still be saved if they are only splashed with water. However, as for  television sets, computers and other gadgets, might not react the same way. Afterall, water and electrical appliances have never been proven to go well together.

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