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6 Essential Tools for Basic Plumbing

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A homeowner should be prepared at all times to remedy pipe and plumbing fixture damages. For this purpose, they should be at the ready at all times and the most effective way to do that is to have even the basic tools ready to use at a moment’s notice. Another trick is to arm yourself with the knowledge to the most common plumbing problems and their corresponding fixes. By doing this, you can save money and be able to know exactly what is up with your plumbing system. To help you with that task, here is a list of the most basic tools used in plumbing that you might need for DIY fixes if you are up to it. Also, these tools are not only beneficial for plumbing fixes, they can also be used to make clean up and maintenance much easier.

  • Angle Drill

This tool is used to create holes in places that are in the corner of tight-spaced walls that are hard to reach. Angle drills have varied drill types that can cater to different needs for effectivity, speed of the process, quick instalment of appliances and better results. This equipment can be used to drill holes in areas that will need connection to and from the supply lines and other functions.

  • Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is responsible in cutting and sharpening materials that were crudely cut and are otherwise solid and hard such as pavers, tiles and stucco. Using this equipment, you do not only speed up the process, you also get that professional and clean cut look compared to using a hacksaw. This is operated with electricity, petrol or compressed air as sources of energy.

  • Auger Bits

This plumbing equipment is used to create holes on metallic and wooden surfaces. This is equipped with helical blades that are responsible for taking away the materials that are scraps from the dig out by simply having it rotate at high speed.

  • Circular Saw

This material is used to cut through plastic, material and wood. It is essential in cutting pipes down to size during installation and repair, depending on the type of blade inserted. For ease of operating, the switch of the tools is conveniently places within a finger’s reach from the handle so that the operator can control the equipment better. This is held together by the arbour nut. Remember that when using this equipment, always weak protective eyewear and gloves to prevent injury.

  • Sump Pump

This plumbing fixture is located in lower ground areas such as home basements for the sole purpose of keeping the underlying areas dry and to prevent flooding. A Sump Pump is beneficial in driving water and moisture away from the building and off the foundation soil to keep the building dry throughout the day.

  • Toilet Auger

A toilet auger is staple equipment that you can use for your toilet bowl in case of an emergency. It has a long and flexible metal shaft on the one side that the user can manoeuvre into the pipe to unclog it. It is also called a plumber’s snake.

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