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5 Major Effects of Hard Water on Your Household

plumbermonavale hardwaterHard water is plain water but it has a high mineral content which can wreak havoc to your fixtures and appliances as these minerals have side effects to the things that can come in contact with. However, this cannot harm your health in any way. Most of us don’t know if we are using hard water or not. That is why we are giving these 5 major effects of hard water to your household to help you see that hard water may be the thing that is causing your appliances and fixtures to stop functioning.

1. There are white spots on the appliances and utensils.

You may have noticed this sign a few times before. The white spots on your dishes and appliances after you have washed them with water are not an indication that it is still dirty. In fact, these white spots can be seen as soon as the dishes are dry. Hard water is a lot like most people. They want to leave behind a trail of them to make their presence known and remembered.

2. Your bath soap and clothes detergent won’t lather well.

No, you don’t need an extra pack of powdered soap for your laundry. It’s the hard water making it look like you didn’t pour enough soap in. It’s the same with your bath soap, too. You are not that dirty to make the bar soap not foamy for your taste.

3. There are lime scale build-ups on your appliances and fixtures.

Lime scale looks like hardened yellowish foam that is usually found in appliances that use water. Hard water leaves this kind of deposits on appliances and these deposits build up over time which will, later on, be the cause for the appliance to stop functioning as it supposed to.

4. Your hair and skin feel sticky and dull after a shower.

The common side effect of hard water after a bath is that it will leave your hair to look dull and sticky and your skin will feel like you are coated with a film-like substance. Taking a shower for the second time around is probably not the best suit for this matter. But if you really need to refrain from using hard water as you are very much conscious about your hair and skin then you might as well install a water softener system. That way, you won’t have to live your whole life looking like a troll.

5. There is a low water supply from your fixtures.

As we have said a few lines back, hard water build-ups lime scale on appliances and fixtures. The build-up is the reason why there is a low water supply from the fixtures you are using as the lime scale can block the passageway of the water. You don’t need to contact your water supply company as this is just a minor case unless you experience a major one, then that is probably the right time to start dialling that number you keep in your fridge’s door.

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