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5 Essential Valves for Water and Sewer Mains

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A plumbing system or sewer system is basically a number of fixtures that are pieced together to work seamlessly to comply with the demands of the people living in the residence. What makes the system unique is that each item placed in the system has its own function that helps the overall operation of the plumbing unit. The fixtures are connected and interlocked together that whenever one fixture is damaged, the others are affected, making the homeowner notices the signs because they are amplified with the help of other fixtures malfunctioning.


With that being said, it is imperative to make sure that there are valves in your plumbing sewage system. Valves can be akin to mini emergency units that help the homeowner put matters and problems under control when there are damages to lessen the impact and as a way to preserve what is left of the system. But, choosing a valve is much more complicated than it seems because there is a specific valve for a specific purpose. So, to aid you in selecting the perfect type of valve for your home, here are 5 of the most essential ones:

  1. Shut-off Valve

This is the most common type of valve you see in residential spaces. Its main purpose is to control water flow inside the pipes. It can be very useful in multiple occasions. For instance, every time there is a plumbing emergency because a pipe joint burst or when there is a leak along your pipe, the very first step in pipe repair is always to cut off the water supply by activating the shut-off valve. Also, when going away for a vacation, it is also a good measure to turn off the water supply as to not have any accidents in the house while you are away.

There are 4 main types of shut-off valves:

  • Main Shut-off Valve

This valve controls the flow of water for the entire plumbing system. This is found near your water meter outside the home.

  • Toilet Shut-off Valve

As the name suggests, this valve if for the water supply for the toilet. This is located at the lower back side of the toilet.

  • Faucet Shut-off Valve

This is a specific shut-off valve that controls water flow directed towards the kitchen taps.

  • Outdoor Faucet Shut-off Valve

This valve obviously controls the taps that are installed outside the home as well as those that are in the basement.

  1. Check Valve

This type of valve is responsible in separating the clean supply water from the dirty or contaminated ones. This valve is particularly efficient and needed for those residences that have sump pumps to make sure that the used water properly evacuated the system and is restricted entry again.

  1. Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is found in water heater tanks and they are installed for safety purposes. The valve prevents explosion by freely reducing pressure and it does that through discharging of the excess water or hot air.

  1. Pressure Reducing Valve

This is another safety valve. A PRV is installed in order to stabilise the performance of plumbing fixtures even when the water pressure fluctuates. This happens a lot during the morning and sometimes throughout the day.

  1. Gas Valve

This is the safety companion whenever you have appliances at home that are gas-powered. Through this valve, you can easily open of close the gas supply. This helps a lot to prevent gas explosions and gas poisoning.

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