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4 Common Garbage Disposal Complications

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In every home, it is necessary to have a garbage disposal or an Insinkerator to help us in disposing of our food leftovers to avoid sewer complications that would demand costly repairs. It helps break down large particles of kitchen and food wastes in order for it not to cause blockages. However, we cannot expect that our garbage disposal would be in good condition at all times. It can also encounter troubles especially when it lacks maintenance and care. So it would be helpful to know the garbage disposal problems that could arise anytime in order to prevent them and prepare for possible remedies. Here are the common garbage disposal issues that could happen due to lack of maintenance, old age, and other factors.

  1. Jamming of the disposal unit

Our garbage disposal is meant to break down particles in order to avoid blocking of the sewer line. However, these units have their own limitations as well. If hard items are fed into the unit, it might not be able to break down these items into smaller pieces and could even cause the disposal to jam.

Garbage disposal jamming usually happens because of hard items that are fed into the unit. They might appear harmless for your unit however, they can actually cause issues and could even cause the complete destruction of the system. Items and particles that are beyond the limitations of the unit should be kept away from the garbage disposal in order not to jam the unit. These items include corn husks, avocado leaves, egg shells, coffee grounds, banana peels, hard seeds, and bones.

However as this problem could never be prevented 100%, it would be necessary to be ready whenever they arise. To repair your jammed unit, it is important to turn the power supply off to avoid injuries. Then, you can insert a wrench into a small socket below the mechanism’s motor while simultaneously turning the shredder back and forth to free the system from jammed particles.

  1. Garbage disposal unit won’t turn on

The failure of your unit to power on is basically caused by many factors yet oftentimes, it is caused by electrical issues. So before doing any repairs just to make the unit work, it is important to check the electricity and the power supply first. If there is electricity and the unit still won’t work, you can now check for further issues. You can start with the reset button which is normally located at the bottom portion of the unit. If that button has popped out, then your garbage disposal might be jammed. You will need to press the reset button and try to run the mechanism. If it still doesn’t work, then the failure might be on the mechanism’s motor.

  1. Leaking garbage disposal

If you notice a pool of water underneath your kitchen sinks, your garbage disposal might be leaking. When this happens, make sure to check the drain pipe and the connections and if the leak comes from the said component, you can replace the rubber gasket and make sure that all the connections are tight to avoid water from gushing out and that could lead to a pool of water in your kitchen. However, when the leak comes from the body of the garbage disposal, it would be necessary to replace the entire component as it can no longer be repaired or already beyond repair.

  1. Unusual sounds are produced by the unit

When you notice some strange sounds produced by your garbage disposal unit after turning it on, it might be caused by particles stuck in the system. It would be necessary to remove them immediately before they could cause damage to the system such as leaks and jamming. However, this problem can be caused by loose bolts and nuts as well. You can tighten the bolts with the help of a wrench to get rid of the noise.

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