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6 Warning Signs of Common Plumbing Problems

Signs of Common Plumbing Problems

Have you encountered a leaking faucet, noisy washing machine, running toilet or any other red flag inside your home or within your property and just ignore it? Such issues could actually lead to huge problems if left unattended properly. Whenever any of them happens, it would be great to take the notice and act quickly. Decide whether you can fix the issue or it needs a professional help. Some of the red flags you should not ignore include:


  • Large Puddles of Water Near the Foundation

Large puddles can manifest as improper functioning of your gutters and when they occur regularly, the problem may originate to your gutter joints or clogged gutters. Prevent this issue from happening through regular clean-up or solution when broken joints or leaks are obvious.


  • Dangling Branches or Dead Trees

Consult an arborist on the health condition of your trees as they can identify whether a tree should be cut entirely or just trimmed some of its branches. Healthy trees may also need to be trimmed occasionally. The weight of tree branches may cause damage to your property, roof or people though they may look harmless from the ground. Dangling branches should be removed, as you may be held liable when they fall and damage the property of your neighbour.


  • Water Bills Higher Than Usual

There could be seasonal changes in your water use at home, but major changes in your water bills may indicate some leakage anywhere. It would be a smart idea to solve water wasters in your home and do replacement on older fixtures like washing machine hoses or toilets. If you are in doubt of your skills in plumbing or you have no idea where to start the fixing, call for an expert.


  • Cracked Foundation

It is not a bad idea to walk around and inspect the foundation of your home at least once in a year for possible cracks. Common cracks can result in bigger problem if not properly dealt with. You may use a tape measure and put a mark on the distance of the crack using a chalk or pencil to measure the cracks. You may re-measure the distance over time so you will know if it has spread further.


  • Soft or Warped Roof

Fixing missing or broken shingles and underlayment of your roof is important because without these elements can immediately damage your house. Call in any local roofing professional near you if you notice soft spots in your roof. Your hired worker can advise you whether the issue in your roof is caused by factors like broken gutters or nearby trees.


  • Water Damage

Oftentimes, water damage in your home can be attributed to leaks. Whether the leaks come from the attic, wall or anywhere, they have to be fixed right away to avoid further devastation. Inspect the plywood and drywall of your roof, as they can be a source of water leaks. Note that water-soaked and wet walls can breed mildew and mould, which may put your health at high risk.

Never let these problems lead to more costly and bigger issues later on. Inspect and fix or repair them when necessary.

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