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How To Unclog Drains Quickly

Sometimes you can find out that your bathtub has clogged itself. In case it has not completely stopped, you may not necessarily require a plumber to fix the problems. If you diligently follow the following steps, your problem can be solved.
Remove the drain cover and clean under the surface of the drain. Especially if your drain uses a screw to hold itself, there are high chances you get some hair accumulated underneath the drain. Just twist the stopper to unscrew, remove the plate then carefully remove the stopper assembly. This will give an opportunity to remove hair and other particles must have stuck to the stopper.
Use a bent wire hanger to clear deeply inset clogs. Straighten the coat hanger and then make a hook at the end. This hook will assist you in removing hair and other particles from your drain. At the same time, you can use the drain claw to unclog your drain. This s the easiest and effective tool mostly used.
Use hot water. Hot water is used especially on drains that are not completely clogged. Just pour hot water directly without splashing onto you drainage. Don’t use boiling water because it may melt the sealants used in the drainage system.
Use a plunger. Fill the tub with water and ensure it covers the clog. Pull using the plunger approximately ten times to ensure that you remove the clog. The water underneath will assist you clear the clog easily and quickly.
Consider calling a plumber before using chemical products. If all these attempts fail, then you can consider calling a plumber. Those professionals have some chemicals which are used to dissolve clogging particles in drains. However, these chemicals have their disadvantages. They are very strong in that they will corrode your metal pipes after sometimes

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