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Modern Drain Blockage Tools

A good drainage system ensures that the house is free from any awful smell and overflowing waste water that could easily result in diseases. It is, therefore, important to make use of drain blockage tools. These are specially designed tools for use in the house to clear any blockages in the pipes and bathtubs. The tools do not necessarily require hiring of technical experts. This is because they come with an operational manual that any member in the house can easily read and understand. There are numerous tools manufactured for specific areas within the drainage system.


It is common to find the kitchen sink blocked as a result of the waste disposed off during cleaning. Similarly, the bathtub and the toilets will sometimes get blocked. These household drainage facilities have external pipes in the form of a loop. As a result, the most appropriate tool for use is the mini hand snake. It is an easy-to-use tool with a spring end that goes through the loops to clear the blockage. The tool can be used for blocked showers and tub drains.


Another valuable tool is the deluxe handheld drain snake. It is a portable tool. Its snake-like end is used to clear blockages in the looped pipes. It has a smooth operational handle to enhance efficiency. It is also rust-free; hence the user is guaranteed of service for a prolonged period.


The master plumber toilet plunger is suitable for unblocking toilets. It has a capped rubber end for stability with a nineteen-inch wooden handle. It is used by applying pressure on the blocked pipe. The handy electric tool is one of the most effective drain blockage tools. It is powered by motors that enable its end to clear blockages in tight pipes. It has a reverse system that enables it to be withdrawn easily in case it gets stuck in the content within the pipe.

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