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What are French Drains

They are simply trench-like drains filled with gravel or stones and a top layer of sand. French drains are commonly used where one has a wet basement or a soggy yard. Their purpose is to drain any standing water to where it can cause no danger. These drains are however very easy to install and inexpensive. The drains need to be cleaned on a regular basis to avoid dirt and other debris from getting into the drain through the holes designed to let water in. This will prevent blockage of the drains but in case your drain happens to block, there is always a way out.

How to clean a blocked french drain

You may use the garden gloves for purposes of hygiene to remove some of the dirt you can reach. With your garden hose, throw a steady stream of water down your French drain to sweep away the debris. If the water happens to stand still, you can use a pressure cleaner to hit first the bottom side and the sides of the drain. However if this cannot still work, you can use a sewer snake to dislodge the blockage. The sewer snake is very flexible and long hence it is able to reach the resistance at the blockage. Prod the clog and then throw great stream of water down the drain immediately. This will absolutely work and there you will have a clean drain free from dirt and debris.

How to prevent French drains from clogging

French drains should always be covered with a layer of landscaping cloth underneath the gravel. The cloth is designed to help prevent debris and dirt from entering the drain. One should also check the position of the cloth often because it can slip away from the drain causing blockage. In conclusion, French drains are the best to install in homes if you happen to have problems with surface water. Remember that they require low maintenance and are very easy to install.

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