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How to Eliminate and Remove Kitchen Sink Smells

eliminate smelly kitchen

Unless there is rotten food near the drains then the odour on your kitchen sink is coming from the drains. Apart from being gross and unhealthy; the smells indicate there is something wrong with the drains. Check out these tips on eliminating sink and drain odours and keep your kitchen smelling fragrant.


The traditional baking soda

This shouldn’t come out as a surprise since baking soda is popularly used as a cleaning agent for many household clean-ups. It’s actually very effective not only in removing odour but also some minor clogs in your drains. Get a cup of baking soda and then pour this on the drain. Don’t flush it immediately; you need to wait for at least 20 minutes. After the allotted time; pour boiling water to flush the baking soda. If there are clogs in the drain then you have the option to pour the boiling water first before the baking soda to break the accumulated residue. If you have a garbage disposal then use cold water instead since hot water may damage the components of the disposal unit. Aside from that, hot water can cause grease and oils to melt and stick on the garbage disposal.  

You can mix baking soda with a variety of ingredients to increase its effectiveness. A popular mixture of baking soda is with vinegar. This creates a more powerful solution that can eliminate even the most foul odour kitchen drains. However, there is a chance that the vinegar smell will be the one to replace the stink. If ever this happens; you can pour lemon juice/extract or any other fragrant citrus fruits to make the sink drain smell better and fragrant.   


Clogs and odours

Sometimes the odour is caused by a massive clog of rotting food and residue. You won’t be able to get rid of the smell unless you take out the obstructions first. The best way to deal with any major clog is with the use of handy plumbing tools like plungers and drain snakes. However, you must first use a plunger since drain snakes are reserved for heavy-duty clogging. Be sure to use a standard sink plunger to make the plunging more effective and easier. It will take you forever if you use a toilet or accordion plungers since these types are used for unclogging toilet. If you noticed that plunging doesn’t do the trick then it’s the perfect time to use a drain snake. The drain snake has a long metallic rod that is fed into the drain pipes. The tips have metallic blades and can be used to push or pull the obstruction. You can then pour household mixtures and citrus fruit extracts after the clog has been removed.      


Preventing clogs and odours

If you don’t want to deal with both drain blockage smells then you should put a strainer on the drain opening. The strainer will filter out solids that could otherwise clog and cause odours on the drain. You can also install a garbage disposal to grind down food debris before it enters deeper into the drain pipes.

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