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4 Common Causes of Floor Drain Blockage

plumbermonavale 4 Common Causes of Floor Drain Blockage

Most of use end an exhausting day with the much needed hot bath or warm shower. However, it is very frustrating when the water pools at your feet after the shower. Thinking that you now have to resolve another problem after a very tiring day at the office is the last thing you need for the day. No one wants to face another chore, no matter how small, after being on their toes for almost the whole day. What everyone needs is a peaceful soak in the tub and retires for the day in a soft bed. In order to prevent hassle situations like this, here are some of the most common reasons why the floor drains get blocked. When you know the cause, you know the best way to solve the problem. So, here are the causes to help you solve the problem from the roots:

1.Hair Fall

Every time you take a bath, it is unavoidable that you lose strands of your hair while it falls off and gets flushed down the shower drain. Although most of the strands will get stuck in the strainer, majority of them will still get into the drain pipes. As they the strands intertwine and tangle together inside the pipe, they can accumulate and eventually block the pipe. If the strands are not taken out of the drain, it will result to restriction of water flow. This issue will become the reason for the shower drain to be fully blocked. Fortunately, there are a lot of plumbing tools that can be used to get rid of that blockage.

2.Soap and Shampoo Scum

Soap and shampoo scum does not really fully block the drain holes. Although, they reduce the diameter of the passageways of the dirty water used during a bath or a shower, they do not create hard and full-coverage blockage like hair tangles do. However, if the scum continues to be left untreated in the sides of the pipe and drainage ways, they can harder over time and cause the water to drain slower than it usually does. As a result, the dirty water pools at the floor or the bathroom. In addition to that, because of the accumulated soap and shampoo scum, the pipes could have rough textures on the inside walls and traps or hinder all the other objects that pass through the pipe.

3.Hard Water Residues

Hard or untreated water carry sediments and minerals such as calcium and magnesium with them that are the primary cause of mineral build ups in the sides of the pipe, the drain and even on the walls of your bathroom stall and tub. These minerals stick to anywhere they are adhered to and can accumulate to cause blockage that are harder to get rid of especially if they have been around for a long time. As the lime scales continue to accumulate, the blockage also thickens and hardens to create a blockage. This is often responsible for the dullness of the colour of your clothes, the dampness of your hair and the occasional clogging of the plumbing fixtures.

4.Chemical Accumulations

If you experience recurrent shower drain clogs, you might find that using chemical-based cleaners are more effective and fast in solving the problem. However, this notion is completely false. In fact, because of the strength of the chemicals used in these cleaners, you will only worsen your problem instead of solving them. The chemical content can weaken the pipes, worsen the damage and cause corrosion.

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