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3 Most Common Causes of Blocked Drains

plumbermonavale blocked drains

Imagine that you’re about to leave for work and suddenly you discovered that your drains are blocked and water is spreading throughout your bathroom floor. Many would prefer to leave it for the reason that water will drain gradually until it’s gone. However, the second problem here is the disturbing smell it produces. What homeowners believe is that blocked drains can be easily fixed and wouldn’t take much time. Actually, it’s the opposite, fixing the predicament can be time-consuming as you still have to determine what causes it to happen. It’s relevant to identify the cause, for us to know what method or tools you’re going to use to fix it.  Most of the time, the dilemma is caused by the 3 factors listed below:

The constant usage of chemical-based cleaners

You must know that using chemical cleaners in a specific interval can’t be harmful. However, using it all the time can pose threat to the drain system. People invest on this cleaner since it’s the easiest way to clean our drains. On the other hand, homeowners don’t think the consequences of constantly using it and one of the effects is corrosion. If the problem exacerbates, there’s a possibility that underground pipes will collapse causing all kinds of pipe issues such as backflows and blockages. This could also be considered a health threat to your family if it isn’t attended immediately. When the problem aggravates, basic plumbing repairs wouldn’t be enough and may require a licensed plumber to mend it.

Minerals from hard water usage

The minerals found in hard water can be a threat in our plumbing system. Calcium and magnesium are the harmful minerals it contains that will soon build up. These minerals will first stick to the pipe’s interior wall until it eventually blocks the passage of the water. Aside from that, the flow capacity of wastewater reduces and ends up in blocking the drain due to the presence of minerals. As a homeowner, you must know that it isn’t just the drainage system that will be affected but also the plumbing fixtures and your kitchenware as well.


We know how harmless a strand of hair could be. What makes drains blocked is when it gathers inside and not removed immediately. The strands will accumulate in time and will block the flow of water. This causes the water to flow back and the main reason why water backs up from the drain floors, sinks or tubs. One way you can prevent this is to have a regular maintenance and that way the accumulated hair strands can be reduced. For some households another alternative would be putting strainers and catch basins in order to block solid items and hair strands from flowing straight to the drain. Installing it would prevent water back ups from happening and prevents hair strands and the like that causes your drains to become blocked.

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