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10 Items That Should Not Go Down the Garbage Disposal

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A little care is all you need to make your disposal function a little longer. You should be aware of the wastes that should and should not go down in your garbage disposal. Be mindful of anything that goes down your disposal to avoid damages. Here are some things that should not go down the garbage disposal.


  • Non – Food Items

Home owners must avoid throwing items that won’t even break in the septic system. These are the non – food items such as paper plates, spoon and fork, Styrofoam, plastic cups and wrappers, etc. Those things don’t break down easily or don’t even break most especially the metal objects such as utensils when grind up in the disposal. It could just cause destruction to your disposer.


  • Eggshells

The thin membrane of the inside of the eggshell can wrap around the blades of your garbage disposal. Once the shell is ground up, it can be a cause for clogged pipes since they turn into sandy particles. Instead of throwing it into the garbage disposal, dispose it in a trash bin.


  • Bones

Humans can’t chew bones since they are hard. Even the garbage disposal can’t since it is too hard to grind. It is too big to go down in  your septic system and can be a cause of the blockage. If you push to throw bones in your disposal, there is a higher chance of getting your disposer damaged due to broken blades or burned motor. By this means, you will need to replace the entire unit by purchasing a new one.


  • Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds won’t actually be a great harm to your garbage disposal. One good thing about disposing coffee grounds in your disposal is it eliminates foul odours. It will just be a harm once you put them all at one time. This may appear to go down easily in your drains but they could get stuck in your disposal’s trap. You can just throw it in your trash bin instead.


  • Pasta

Pasta tends to expand once they are exposed to water. It mashes up and turns into a thick paste causing a blockage in your drains. It also gets too sticky when in contact with water for a long time. It will not just clog your drain but it can also fill up your disposal’s trap.


  • Grease, Oil or Fats

These materials neither mix nor flow well with water. It may be liquid but is solidifies over time when it cools. This could clog up your drain and could minimise the ability of your garbage disposal to grind food wastes.


  • Fibrous Foods

You should keep away fibrous foods such as celery, asparagus and other stringy or starchy foods from your garbage disposal. They can wrap around the blades of your disposal and can cause clogs in your drains as well. Starchy vegetables such as potato peels could also clog your drain since it turns into a thick paste once ground up.


  • Rice

Just like pasta, rice expands once it is exposed to water. It can fill up your disposal’s trap and clog your drain. Never mind disposing it in a garbage disposal to avoid damages.


  • Hard Fruit and Vegetable Peels

Don’t fill your disposal with vegetable or fruit peels at one time. Dispose it properly by putting a little at a time. Filling your disposal with these peels could lead to a lesser ability of your blades to grind wastes since the peels get tangled with it. Much worse, it can lead to a severe damage leaving you no choice but to purchase a new unit.


  • Fruit Pits and Seeds

Disposing fruit seeds or pits in your drains could damage your disposals. They are too hard to crush and may get stuck in some parts of the disposal. Avoid throwing them in your garbage disposal. You can throw them in a trash bin or compost pit.

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